Foremast Inn

4 Floors 1 Basement
34 rooms (2 suites, 12 private rooms, 20 4-person sleepers)

A great wooden building rises up above the neighboring stone and clay buildings. On the top a mast flies a grey sail with the name of the inn blowing in the wind. The architecture seems foreign in this surrounding but it only serves to accentuate the beauty of the wood work. Connected to the Inn is another much smaller wooden building built in a similar style.

The Foremast is a high class Inn popular with travelers from Moreth it is also connected to Varum’s Galley a tavern that caters to the same. The inn stands on one of the corners of the main thoroughfare through Karnyn overlooking the city gate. It has a large common room with a few fireplaces and walls adorned with keepsakes and relics from the Inner Sea of Tambrath. The inn does not serve food or alcohol but the common room has a set of doors that connects it to Varum’s Galley next door.

The inn is owned by an expatriate of Moreth named Joseph Castille a former officer. It staffs a pair of innkeepers and three maids.

Foremast Inn

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