Adventures in Anterra

A troubling problem

how to get a dwarf out of prison

After meeting back up at the forge the group decided to check out the home of the deceased. Vincent and Arlo snuck in and began casing the joint while the others watched the street. However after some initial poking around they realized they were not alone. While the musketeer stayed outside to keep an eye on the streets and look out for guards like the ones who had passed by earlier the cleric and rafi went into the home. Vincent and the cleric attempted to pretend to be drunken looters. Then Arlo tried to drunkenly stumble into the hobgoblin that was searching Stints office and palm something from him but was unable. The Hobgoblin then threw alchemists fire onto the beflamed rogue and a battle broke out. After some maneuvering the musketeer climbed into the window of the office to provide back up but was bull rushed out of the way by the hobgoblin. In the end Arlo tried to tumble behind him to flank and keep him from leaving but was cut down by savage blows as he passed. The hobgoblin threatened the helpless arlo and the group began to speak with him. After finding out his name was Buel and he was a former member of the Kings Lions and that he was also investigating the murder. After taking documents from the office and a little bit of other loot the group decided to meet up with Buel at the foremast inn the next day. They went through the papers looking for evidence against the Royal Advisor but were unable to find anything specific to him. They decided to to head to the forge and check out the forge that Ramek was working on and were able to locate his stash of drugs. After getting more info about the drug problem and identifying it as midnight milk. They found there are two milk parlors that he may be located at. They also found out that the escort Roxanne who was drinking with smokebeard before he woke up with the corpse was going to be at a ball that night. Arlo and Vincent snuck in to the upper level to see if they could steal or forge invites to the ball and managed to get a look at one of them. Vincent was able to memorize it and then make forgeries from the information. They entered into the ball as Francis Von Biggenpants Duke of Moreth and Pardu Thalu. They learned that royal advisor Sammeel Kuriano was now being accepted as Royal Vizeer and officially taking over for the king in matters of justice. Vincent ended up dancing with and getting to know the Vizeers niece Diarra Blackmoon a lovely half elf. Arlo attempted to make contact with Roxanne who was out with Dorna Mrott the city’s master of coin. When the Vizeer entered the ball he confronted the new human who was dancing with his beloved niece. After meeting and speaking with him he arranged a room for him at the ambassadors arms. Then he went to speak with the master of coin Arlo listened in from a distance and caught a measure of information before making a better impression on roxanne the second time around. He arranged a lunch with her the next day. After the ball the two headed to the hotel and managed to get Arlo a room as well before the two of them went to sleep. Waking up very early in the morning before sun up the other three headed to the milk parlor to look for Ramek. Located in the shadows it is in a dangerous neighborhood. They used Rafi’s scent powers to track down the likely building. There was a half orc falling asleep in front of the door and a goblin in the nearby alley. The group decided to slip some midnight milk into the half orcs mouse putting hi into a deep sleep then began discussing whether to just kill him. At that point the goblin bard suggested to the musketeer to run away from the shadows which he promptly did then a battle begin between him and the other two. Rafi chased him up onto the roof and he began yelling for help. the cleric ended up helping a second half orc who came out of the building with his passed out friend, he took her in where there was an elderly gnome minding the counter and then the half-orc headed back out to help deal with the attacker in the alley. Taking the opportunity telissa knocked out the gnome and then let the musketeer in when he returned from his run and they got the dwarf out. Then they all met back up at arlos home.



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