Adventures in Anterra

Thieves in the Night

Adventures in Perosia part 2

The Half-Danami girl Na’Ru discussed a job with the group and offered them all the smokesticks and alchemical items in a vault, if they would help her to rob it. They agreed to the job and went there separate ways for the rest of the day.

Sept 25th
Once in the city they met back up at an intersection in the Blue Stone District then headed to the estate of the Westcoast Trading Company while the master of the house Karr Rohem was away awaiting the arrival of Xianara Bannister of the house Bannister. The “heroes” attempted to complete the robbery without any killing but at the first guard tower the ancient warrior Issuss acidentally slew the guard knocking them off the tower and into the courtyard. The human soldier and the magician quickly came to her aid in trying to move the body while the old gnome captain and Na’Ru attempted to gain entry from a second route. After having to take out the other guard tower while the ancient warrior went down into the first and took out the group playing poker they managed to get the magician and his Eidolon into the two towers and have them trick the patrolling guards when they came while the others with him snuck into the main house and the two from the alternate entrance used a secret passage to get in from the servants quarters. The ancient warrior was wounded by a trap on the chest leading to the secret entrance which was then opened from the other side. The team headed up to the office of Karr Rohem and opened the vault and faught the animated construct made from a depowered clay golem inside before looting the vault which almost caught on fire. Then headed back to the streets where they parted ways.

Sept 26th
the Magician Verrin Mesik spends the morning taking the others around to the White Water District and showing them where they can sell items of questionable origin safely and introduces them to his fixer Makk the Orcling so they could unload the goods they acquired other then the smoke sticks. In the afternoon Issuss went to the library to study up on the local history and practice her skills. She caught up on local and political knowledge but still has some history left to catch up on. Sergeant Major Verrin Mesik and Captain Bilphin Draxle head to Pink Street to fulfill one of their Soldier’s Oaths.

that night the group meet back up at the Bearded Bear where Ral Kazen stops by and speaks with them. He let the heroes know about the secret plans for the Festival of Kalemba that the Flame Rajah are planning a virgin sacrifice of an Ifrit-Blooded girl. Ral wants there help in the plan to rescue the girl. He has arranged for someone to smuggle her out of the city and get her to safety, a pirate named Long Shanks. They have several agents working together on this operation, it will be the biggest one The Resistance has attempted. The heroes will operate as middle men waiting just on the outside of the great tent at the Temple Square and taking her to the White Water District and making the hand-off at The Fish Out Of Water bar. The group agrees to take on the mission. Gives them the pass phrase to use with the pirate. “Where’s your boat?” to which the response is “depends how much money you have?” to which they should respond with “none, it’s for charity.” Then the group heads to bed.

Sept 27th

The group begins planning how to carry out their mission, Kal’Vein show’s them all the Temple Square in the morning before returning to work. Issuss and the soldier’s notice that there are rebels working as part of the clean and build crew and burying smokesticks in the square.. To the North and West the wall of the city stands guard over the Temple Square though the walls here are lower and only go 15’ off the ground on the Red Flame District side on the other side facing the Blue Stone District they are 30’ high. On the East there are three buildings in the center is the Temple of Kalemba, on the south of the east side is the Temple of Many Gods, and on the north of the east side is the Temple of Dagthen the largest of the Dwarven temples of the town. On the south side of the Temple Square there is the Great Hall of Honor in the center which is the headquarters of the City Guard of Perosia. On the east of the south side is the Ambassador’s Arms the finest hotel in the city. On the west of the south side of the square is the Hole in the Wall a small but incredibly popular cafe. While they were checking out the square a group of Greencloaks came out of the hotel with an ambassador from Bohannen and an officer, Ozylar a man from Verrin Mesik‘s past. He has Ambassador Krennit instruct a nearby guard who is actually Issuss in disguise pretending to be one of the dead guards Sergeant Powell from the previous battles in the streets to remove the soldiers which she does. The Ambassador is impressed with the guards work and will remember her. Kal’Vein entertains his sister Anaria Ash who is 15 and innocent while he works. After which the Greencloaks finish there meal and head to the Temple of Kalemba. Issuss makes friends with some of the guards and embeds her fake identity successfully. The soldiers then snuck back into the square and into the Temple of Many Gods and convinced them to create an altar to the heavens in one of the worship rooms. The clergy then took them on a tour of the temple. During which they noticed two catacomb entrances in the basement. Bilphin Draxle will be accepted as a visiting clergy and given a pendant of the Temple of Many Gods. Issuss tries to get to know the head of the guard in the square Lieutenant Torres Ash. Who assigns Issuss to Ambassador Krennit‘s retinue on the night before the festival and the night of the festival starting at 4pm both nights. She also assigns Issuss assuming the role of Sergeant Sheila Powell to the Ambassadors retinue that night as well along with Corporal Greg Rancor a son of bohannen by birth they spend the night at the Mandingo Fights in the commons. Anaria heads back out to the White Water District. As the soldiers return to the Bearded Bear and meet up with Kal’Vein. They watch his last set while drinking then as he finishes his set Ral Kazen stops in, in disguise. They head down to the storage room and have a talk. Bilphin Draxle recommends that the attacking rebels wear Greencloaks as disguises, but he will advise them that they plan to dress as members of The Resistance. Afterwards they head to sleep.

Sept 28th

In the morning the group meets up and shares the information they have found with each other. Issuss visits Nasoo and lets Syranesh know about her making her way into the guards. Then proceeds to further research them as well as making forged documents and sneaking them into the stacks of paperwork. The others spend the afternoon searching out catacomb paths that will give them an edge. They don’t find any entrances near the Temple Square that lead away from it. A courier from Ral Kazen stops by the Bearded Bear and deliver a package to Kal’Vein of some potions and directions on where to meet up with another member of the resistance.

Sept 29th

The group gathers in the morning and heads to Red Flame District where they meet up with a lesser cleric of Dagthen Tumok Oldbeard. The cleric showed them around the nearby catacombs attempting to help them find an underground path. He was able to show them a route from the alley behind the Gilded Leaf Temple down the street from the Temple Square to the east. The passage leads through a dangerous catacomb to the south to a rebel safe house called Vayin where there is another resistance leader stationed there. A Sylph named Airus Walker who will invite them in for lunch. while having lunch with the group a visitor arrives. Tulken Eturius a tall older elf and Long Shanks carrying a large backpack filled with smoke sticks. The soldiers and the warrior stay outside and chit chat with the pirate while the cavalier goes in and speaks with Airus Walker and Kal’Vein. Then after dropping the smokesticks Walker and Tulken head off on private business and the group accompanies Tumok Oldbeard and Long Shanks to another exit from the catacombs. After which Issuss heads to the brothel that Kal’Vein’s sister works at and finds out that Ozylar is there and that the sister is out working on a private retainer until after the festival. The others join the pirate at the Buxom Bayou for a night of whores and drinking.

Sept 30th the day before the festival

Issuss joins the guards early to socialize and get a better understanding of what the guards are planning before proceeding to her assignment of escorting the Ambassador. While on duty she witnesses a business dinner between Ambassador Krennit and Karr Rohem. While she does not speak the language she is able to understand the basic issues that are being discussed. As well as learning that a Bohannen Skyship will be arriving in two days. Kal’Vein spends the night working. Verrin Mesik goes and finds an underground fight night to join in on. Meanwhile Bilphin Draxle communes with the heavens and realizes that the sacrifice will be adorned in oils and they will need to find a way to counter that effect.

Autumnal Equinox – the day of the festival.

Issuss heads out from the temporary barracks to meet up with the others and bring them up to speed on the new information she received. Then Bilphin Draxle mentions his visions. So the group decides to prep a universal solvent. Kal’Vein will pick up his younger sister and spend the afternoon with her before heading to the prime seats he purchased them for the the Kalemba Festival. Issuss will join up with the guards and learn about the new repeating crossbows they are being furnished with. The soldiers will head to the day portion of the festival in non-descript disguises. Then change before the night portion begins into disguises..

To be continued as the festival begins



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