Adventures in Anterra

Reunited and it feels so good!

Companion reunited, worgs defeated, and a get-rich-quick scheme is underway

After searching the old encampment with Oakitar, we found our companion, Kalel, near the river. He was still under the influence of the mushroom and was making toward the river (supposedly toxic or accursed) to drink. We stopped him just in time. We continued along the river, seeking signs of our missing companion. As we continued along, we heard worgs beginning to dog our trail. We came upon a large tree and happened to see a glint of metal high above. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a shield lodged in the tree. A first attempt to pull it out of the tree with a grappling hook and rope earned us only a broken rope for our troubles. Eventually the monk climbed the tree and pried the shield out, finding the adamantine head of a battle axe behind it! The shield was mithril and bore a dwarven rune upon its face- something that intrigued Zeltaius greatly. How long had these items been there, that the tree had grown around them and them being 20 feet off the ground?

Unfortunately, on our way back, we were stalked by worgs and made our stand near some rapids on the river (there appeared to be gold in the rapids, but we did not want to touch it, fearing the cursed waters). 2 came from our front while 2 more came from the opposite side of the river. Belisarius greased the river’s bank as the 2 prepared to jump across (it was narrow at this point…possibly 12 feet or so, and fairly quick) and one of the worgs went down on the opposite bank, the other making it across. Kalel moved forward with his rapier, and Belisarius attempted to use a blinding ray (illusionist power) which proved to be nigh-useless. Kalel was bitten and tripped, the worg atop him. Belisarius sicced his horse, Pincer, on the worg, and the combination of hooves and rapier proved too much for the worg – it died.

The other 2 worgs fell between attacks by bow, riding dog and Zeltaius’s meteor hammer. At one point he also was knocked prone, but his grappling prowess enabled him to fight the creature effectively. A man trained in the use of a flexible weapon such as a meteor hammer can both grapple and strike with it, in addition to disarming or tripping. It’s a very useful weapon, if not capable of producing grievous injuries in the manner of something like a greatsword or greataxe.

The last wolf finally recovered its footing but immediately ran when it saw that its other pack members were dead. We did not pursue.

In the fray, one of the dogs was nearly killed, but a potion brought it back around. We skinned the worgs and brought the pelts back to Igoris.

Epon was surprised to see us, and wanted a 5gp “trader’s fee” to let us back into the village. We negotiated this to 3, promising that we had plans to help make him a very rich man in future. Hopefully some of our ideas will indeed pan out and we can help him, his town and ourselves prosper.

Once back in the village, we traded the skins for some spidersilk rope and placed an order with the alchemist for some items that would help us cut down a yuirwood tree we had seen much earlier that was found in a tree infested with giant spiders. The wizard also gained 2 more spells ashe advanced in experience and power, now being able to manifest illusions with sound instead of just a visual image. This should come in handy against the spiders!



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