Adventures in Anterra

The Dark Wood

Missing companions, a goblin village, and eating leucrotta

Upon awakening, Zeltaius and Belisarius found their companions missing (Brad and Adam both out)!

A search revealed no signs of struggle and little in the way of tracks, so we blundered about in search of them. We encountered a tree full of dire bats as well as one full of giant spiders and managed to avoid those, but no sign of them.

Eventually, we came across 2 goblin hunters and their riding dogs trying to bring down a leucrotta with their bows (which they eventually did) and watched them. Eventually we were noticed and moved up to parley, thereby meeting Okitarr and Durwich. They told us that our companions had most likely eaten a mushroom that causes disorientation and incredible thirst, and that they would most likely head toward the river, a very dangerous place. One of their dogs was gravely injured, so we healed it with a potion. In gratitude, they brought us back to their village, Igoris.

Igoris turned out to be quite advanced – more advanced than goblins had a reputation for being. It was supported in the branches of a giant tree, with an elevator, operated by a Blinkin. Its mayor, Epon, greeted us and allowed us to go up in the tree due to our having assisted Okitarr and his vouching for us. Epon’s bodyguard, Gorlak stood mutely by as this occurred. The dogs and horses were stabled at the base of the tree and we climbed aboard the elevator.

On the main level, we found a bustling village/trading post, with a marketplace. A wizard, Oldmann and I traded spells and a few items. A goblin alchemist, Austin Reason Powers could make and sell various alchemical items. There were also traders of more mundane goods as well as at least one church and a shaman. We feasted on Leucrotta and found it to be quite good, and then set out once more to look for our companions.



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