Adventures in Anterra

Offsite Fight Night

Fights, Bets, Sticking Dad with the bill

After finally leaving the Tsukai Academy, we made our way to Offsite, where we purchased more supplies for our journey. Belisarius purchased a number of scrolls, including one called “Masterwork Transformation”, which would hopefully prove of use later. The proprietor offered him a job making scrolls, but that appealed almost as much as apologizing to his father for winning the Tsukai Academy Test, so he declined (now the prospect has some appeal, as money is short and winter approaches in Kalthar, but that is a tale for another time).

Upon meeting up with the group, Belisarius was introduced to the person who would become our guide, a half-elf barbarian named Cirrus, who claimed that we could either take the road or travel with him through the Dark Wood. There were caravans leaving by the road that we could seek employment with, or try our luck in the wood. We chose the wood.

After this decision, there were fights and gambling to be done, so the wizard retired to his room (and realizes now that he should have stuck his father with the bill for those, too, along with any supplies purchased…foolish pride gets in the way of so much) to study his books and glean whatever knowledge he could of Kalthar, the Dark Wood and the journey ahead.

Kalel quickly worked his way into the position of taking bets and knowing the score on a few of the fighters…the main fight was a “ringer” from our of town, a warblade named Kaigen, who we would meet again in Kalthar. The barbarian fought and won, the monk fought Belisarius’s own brotherCallegor Tordun and lost, and the warblade defeated his opponent handily – he appears to be an expert at sundering weapons, and did so in the first round.

Money was made and lost, and Belisarius now regrets studying instead of making what amounted to easy money, as its in such short supply now. It would have been nice to see his brother one last time as well.



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