Adventures in Anterra

Saying goodbye - and good riddance!

Horses are borrowed, a horse is stolen, and a saddle is greased

Belisarius decided to pay the library a visit, receiving aid from a librarian who coughed politely and left him to his own devices while he was on lunch. Books were stolen, the contents of 1 purloined, and a nice parting gift of shiny gold left for the librarian.

Belisarius’s brother Callegor Tordun was most disheartened by the news of his disownment, and leant 2 horses (including Pincer) and some gear to help with the times ahead.

Kalel went about collecting debts and dodging paying debts of his own as Zeltaius and I arranged to leave. One little prick (who’d braced Kalel in the last session) tried to run him down with several companions. An illusion of Kalel running through a barn and up the stairs to a 2nd level of the academy (a level at least partially in trees) fooled them sufficiently and let Kalel escape, grabbing one of their horses in the process, leaving only the buffoon in charge in the stableyard with Zeltaius and myself nearby. As he tried to run down Kalel, his saddle was greased, resulting in him falling off his horse.

We all rode for Offsite.



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