Adventures in Anterra

Up the Academy

We meet, greet, and have to beat feet

The session began with Belisarius Tordun just having led the freshman team to victory against the senior team in the Tusai Academy Test. This was both unexpected and considered not at all proper, particularly since he “cheated” by using illusions.

Lorte Eturius hauled Belisarius into his office to let him know that, while he was not displeased with the victory, that members of the board and other important sorts were disgruntled, and that he had been suspended as a result. He was to go to Kalthar and study with Tulken Eturius in the meantime, and was to go with Kalel Eturius, who was being expelled. He was also given a letter to give to Tolken.

His father, Betaris Tordun marched to his room to confront Belisarius, setting off a Magic Mouth that proceeded to scream “Thief!” 25 times. When Belisarius returned, Betaris was not in a good mood, and demanded a formal apology for his actions. Belisarius told him to get stuffed, and was disowned.

His roommate, Kalel Eturius, was busily ducking people who had bet on the freshman team and agreed to leave. By coincidence, one Zeltaius had also been expelled, having beaten up the weapons master with his meteor hammer, considered a child’s toy instead of a proper Elven weapon. Zeltaius also agreed to journey to Kalthar, having nowhere else to go.



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