Adventures in Anterra

In the Beginning

World background info

This is an E6 world with only low level magic, it is uncommon but not rare. Magic schools and magic kingdoms exist but are rare. Potions, scrolls, wands, minor wondrous items are the most common forms of magical equipment available. Mithril is rare. Adamantine is very rare. The land is divided into several small kingdoms and states with some loose alliances and a fair amount of trade. Multiple pantheons are worshipped in this world but the gods have not made their presence known outside of granting spells to clergy in hundereds of years. Most news and information about distant lands come from the tales of travelling bards and minstrels. There are hereos whos names are sung in song, and villains whos infamous deeds are told to frighten children. In addition to the many kingdoms there are large tracts of land that are still unsettled, wild, and dangerous. There is also a well known group called the Blue Hands, they control some land and have a cult like following with temples in several cities and kingdoms throughout the realms. In some areas they are thought of as enlightened saviors and in others they are seen as ruthless thugs and extortionists or crazy cultists.

The story will begin with the characters arriving at the city of Kalthar in the state of Anterra. We will figure out your individual reasons for travelling there.

Anterra is a moderate sized realm with a population of around a million. It spans from mostly grasslands in the South to a forested area in the Northeast and runs alongside a mountain range to the West. The population is primarily human particularly to the south. The capital city Corynia lays in the southeast of the realm. It’s a monarchy ruled by King Garron the Grey Blade. An aging king who won his throne through steel, he has now grown weary and sullen in his old age. The outlying towns are governed by appointed lords and policed by marshalls sworn to impose the King’s law. Though many times frontier law is applied just as regularly. The kingdom is relatively medieval in technology with skill in castle building and arms manufacturing, but limited access to magic. There is a magic kingdom to the Southwest with strained relations with Anterra. Dangerous territories in the woods and mountains to the north seperate the state from neighboring kingdoms including an Elven kingdom to the East and a Dwarven kingdom to the Northwest.

Kalthar is a moderate sized town far to the north on the edge of Anterra no more than a days ride from the great mountains or from the deep forest. It is the main trade gateway in from the North. The city is built in great rings, creating a concentric circle. The innermost ring has a diameter of half a kilometer marked by 6 meter high reinforced pallisades designed to serve as final defense against a siege. Inside is the hub of the city; taverns, inns, stores, armories, garrison, and marketplace. The scond ring has a diameter of a kilometer marked by a 4 meter high wooden palisade known for its 4 great gates leading into the city proper. Inside is the main inhabited area of the city. Most homes and schools and official buildings are in this area. The third ring has a diameter of 2 kilometers marked by a 2 meter high wooden fence, designed to keep wildlife out. Inside is the farmland that supports the city as well as the fairgrounds where many caravans will stop and make camp. The Outermost ring of Kalthar has a diameter of 4 kilometers marked by a meter high stone fence there primarily to mark the boundaries of the towns jurisdiction. Inside this area the forest still holds some claim along the Northeast edge. There are many druids and rangers who make home in this area as well as a few large farms and grazing lands for cattle and horses. The population of the town is primarily human about 62 percent, halflings come in at 11 percent, dwarves at 8 percent, half-elves at 6 percent, and elves at 5 percent with the rest being a mixed bag of humanoids.



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