Magical gates that allow point to point travel in Anterra. Accessible by magic with navigation provided by Spellcraft skill. The waypoint network is unmapped(?) and was created some 2,000 years ago. Many of the waypoints are located in caves or places near important or once-important sites.

DC 15 – travel to Waypoint that character has personally visited before.
DC 20 – travel to Waypoint that is familiar to character via network exploration but not personally visited
DC 25 – Locate/Discover waypoints near a known gate.
DC 30 – Locate/Discover waypoints not near any waypoint known to character.

The spellcraft rolls are always stress rolls, with a result of 5 less than the target number equaling a mishap.

The spells to open the waypoints are as follows:
lvl 1: Jump Waypoint – attunes 1 creature to the jump
Lvl 2: Communal Jump – 1 target creature/lvl to the jump
Lvl 3: Open Waypoint – opens the Waypoint gate for an interval of time to allow passage of any creature that can fit through
Lvl 4: Create Waypoint – creates new waypoint.

There are 4 functional waypoints within 50 miles of Kalthar,with an additional 1 being nonfunctional/inaccessible. The 4 functional ones are:
-Near the Phalanx Stables
-In the mountains to the East on the Borderlands side. It is near an ancient dwarven city destroyed by Regos the Wyrm
-1 to the Northwest of Kalthar near the dwarven settlement recently liberated from Brellyn
-1 to the south, close to the intersection between ______ and ___________

There is an additional waypoint in a cave near Parapolis that is a meeting place for members of the Ivory Lily

There are several dozen waypoints marked on the large wall map in the library of Ravenfall.

There is a Waypoint located on the grounds of Ravenfall

There is another in a cave located outside the town of _________________, currently under siege.

There is another on Nightmare Peak but it is currently closed/unusable.


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