Tulken Eturius

Elf Cavalier 5/ Wizard 3/ Elf Paragon 2
6’5" 150lbs 220 yrs

The elf standing before you is aged with grey shoulder length hair but a well conditioned and muscular physique. He has tanned skinned from long days spent under the sun and grey eyes sparkling with wisdom.

Former tactics professor of the Tsukai Academy, brother of Lorte Eturius and uncle of Kalel Eturius . Favorite restaurant/tavern is the Ogre’s Tusk Tavern. His rather spartan home contains a sitting room and numerous books on the first floor. His principal student is Brellyn Tusar and he owns the Phalanx Stables. His horse is Warmaster. His home has a basement with a room containing an alchemist’s lab which the heroes have now seen.

He is a great fan of Feybrew.

Pincer was a previous horse of his.

Provided the heroes with some aid in their recent adventure rescuing the young Dryad girl Alistrana

Member of the order of the Ivory Lily

recently introduced the heroes to Waypoints

Tulken Eturius

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