Tsukai Academy

Elven Academy located near the town of Offsite and just outside the Dark Wood. Approximately 10 days journey to Kalthar – 7 via the Dark Wood.


Bettarus Tordun – father of Belisarius

Callegor Tordun – brother of Belisarius

Lorte Eturius – Dean of Belisarius, Lt. & Commander, Uncle of Kalel

- Librarian – for a wink and a small bribe, he allowed Belisarius a semi-permanent loan of a couple of books, including some pages related to the Battle of Tarrion.
- Stablehand -
- Weapons Master, beaten up by Zeltais
- Sucker who got his saddle greased, fooled by an illusion of Kalel, his horse and gear stolen, and his money swindled

Tulken Eturius – Former tactics instructor, now master of the Phalanx Stables in Kalthar.

Kobayashi Tsukai – founder and important leader at the Battle of Tarrion

The school has a competition every decade or so, pitting the freshman class against the senior class. It is almost entirely unheard of for the freshmen to win…apparently that is the whole point.

Tsukai Academy

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