3 Floors suspended by a grove of 8 trees and a ground floor stable
65 rooms including a library, servants quarters, master suite, ballroom, study, and dining hall.
stabling for 12 horses

Elven Manor located in Deben about 50 miles N NW of Offsite near the hamlet of Haytree

Tordun family home and manor. There are a few servants who keep up the manor as well as a handful of other manors in the area.

Residents –
Lord of the Manor – Bettarus Tordun
Caretaker – Unom Voss
Steward – Went Rodecc
Maid – Lyanna Garryn
Maid – Vylania Antelt -young lascivious elf maiden
Stable Hand – Kogus Garryn -brother to Lyanna
Chef – Raul Treeholme -old round elven chef
Boy – Tillun Garryn -son to Kogus

A locked room off the library contains a lot of information pertaining to the Ivory Lily and Waypoints. The room contains a large wallmap of the continent with towns and various waypoints marked, a locked (and trapped) desk, several bookshelves and a table. The room was apparently the personal study of Bel’s mother.

The presence of Jonquil Orianna Tordun is still felt in the manse.

Suffix: Fell (Scandinavian), field, a mountain.


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