Ogre's Tusk Tavern

2 Floors 1 Basement
45 Rooms
stabling for 15 Horses

Popular Dwarven Tavern, restaurant and inn found in the city of Kalthar.

Dwarven ales (strong, extra strong and “Ogre Strength” available), rooms and fine bbq (buffet, 5 sp).

Owner/Proprietor – Orunsk Totalbeard, dwarf, is proprieter.

Bartender – Gosen Allon dwarf male

Barwench – Retta Avalin human female

The rooms are quite reasonable- 5 gp/mo for 3 adjoining rooms (?).

Regulars here include Tulken Eturius, Kaigen the Battle Blade, and the caravan guards Rordin and his compatriots the elvin archer and 2 half-elf fighter types.

The PCs currently reside in 3 adjoining rooms in the basement.

Ogre's Tusk Tavern

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