Movement rates

I’ve been doing some napkin math and finding the 30’ movement rate to be pretty accurate as far as what an athletic human can accomplish. Good college athletes can run a 40 yard dash in 4.5 seconds. Pathfinder says they can do 40 yards in 6 seconds, and those with the run feat can manage 50 yards. If I didn’t mess up the calculation, Pathfinder movement rate gets you a 1 minute, 6 second 440 yard dash time, while those with the run feat can do it in 48 seconds. The world record is 42 seconds and a decent runner can manage it in about a minute. Again, pretty close. Of course, monks and barbarians with fast movement bork this, especially if they have the run feat.

If we get a little liberal with how a round (6 seconds) breaks down in terms of seconds we can guesstimate that a swift action takes about a second, a move action is 2 seconds and a standard action takes around 3. That’s almost right on the button in terms of how far a human can move in 2 seconds – the Tueller Drill demonstrates that most can move 21 feet+ in about 1.4 seconds, and 30 in about 1.6-1.7 (The first 2 or 3 steps is the acceleration phase and accounts for a large chunk of the 1.5 second time involved in moving 21 feet. Additional movement after full speed is reached is much faster).

I haven’t started figuring in the endurance feat or con checks or looking at overland movement as yet. “Hustle” movement speeds (double movement) look to be a little less than 7 mph, which is a decent jogging pace…maybe a bit too good for people carrying a bunch of crap and moving in armor, but in the ballpark. The book actually says 6 mph is the standard, and that seems about right.

Formula: 30 x2 x 10 × 60/5280.5=6.8 mph

Movement rates

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