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“If you look past the tinfoil hat, rambling incoherence, and trench coat covered in pigeon crap, he actually makes a lot of sense.”

Mike’s Character Builds – Note: all these builds are built with Herolab, which doesn’t handle gestalt. The builds are meant to provide rough overviews and to be quickly accessible in case of a character death.

Optional Rogue Rules – Mostly from Rogue Glory.

New Classes – Dread Necromancer and other classes not on PFSRD

Necromancer Resources – Classes, books, subject material, support groups in your area

Pact Magic – Pact rules, covenants, eternal damnation

Optional Crafting Rules – Spes Magna done fixed the Pathfinder crafting system!

Optional Poison Rules -

Handle Animal Guides

Hazards and Disasters – Selections from Rite Publishing’s 101 Hazards.

Skill Challenges

Socketed Item Rules – Magic items that scale with wealth and level via sockets and gems

Pimp My PC -A gathering of links to use in creating characters.

Real World Comparisons – Comparing gaming numbers to measured human performance

Tactical Errors I have known and loved – a log of past performances and woulda shoulda couldas

Belisarius – Filling in some backstory

Monk vs Barbarian

Pathfinder rules many don’t know about

Knowledge Checks

Skill Checks

DM Tools


Baernsrock – a legendary Dwarven city that fell to the hordes of evil. Baernsrock must never fall again.

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Mike's Lab

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