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KensaiBladeBoundSynth – A challenge in wealth-savings. All he really needs is a spellbook and some pearls of power to make up for lack of spell recall. Gains black blade katana @ 3rd level. Keeps intelligence very high for kensai abilities. Synth provides armor and utility abilities. If deprived of synth suit, uses summons. A little tight on skill point, probably needs combat reflexes. A few duelist levels would be fun, but the katana doesn’t work with them as written.

Snot the Goblin Monk

Tank Rogue – Adam Meyers’ tanky rogue.

Sniper Rogues- Adam Meyers’ sniper

Trapper Rogue – crafting, trapping deviant from Adam Meyers

Big Cecil – half orc lore warden//maneuver master. Shuffle out equipment trick: rope for improved disarm or add dodge/crane style/crane wing for more tanking. equipment trick: rope and the orc replacement traits add whips, nets, dire flails and spiked chain proficiency. Adding the throw anything feat would allow flinging ropes for entanglement,and 5 ranks in sleight of hand, climb and escape artist would maximize the use of the trick. Can hogtie more easily via trick as well.

Jivas Regal – sensei/drunk/qinggong monk//ninja scout. All over the place. Don’t like the numbers. Possible alternate race: tengu w/ natural attacks replacing swordmastery, glide replacing linguist, & pressure points for rogue talent/feat

Mischief -Tengu Form – started with Jivas and went from there. More amusing character concept, at least. Considered taking the rope equipment trick and adding throw anything/improved grapple. Insightful strike from sensei would allow me to dump str further and up dex, wis or some other stat at the cost of damage. Pretty happy with this build, even though its similar to the one above and I didn’t like that one much…guess its the thematics.

Skree’Chak – Goblin beastmaster ranger//cryptbreaker alchemist. Experiment 626 comes to Pathfinder! Note: need grendier ability – alchemical weapons. Alternate build uses trapper ranger//chemist rogue from rogue glory. Whatever build covers sneaking, skulking, trap-making, siccing large beasts on enemies and making things go kaboom is acceptable.

SkreechakPistolero – Just like it sounds. Pistolero//alchemist. Missing dire bat and trapspotting goodness. Needs alternate trap rules from Rogue Glory.

Damron – Ranger//Alchemist build. Going for a special forces vibe. Bombs and flying mounts and a pretty capable dude. This build omits grenadier in favor of the Internal Alchemist archetype, but it should probably be supplemental to the grenadier levels (if alowed…they both replace fast poisoning). Internal alchy adds some nice things in place of throw anything, which I bought back via feat. Bramblebrewer adds battlefield control and single target control via tangle bombs and good self-healing/AC via mutagen. “Firearms” is the ancestral weapon choice…replace if a dragon pistol is unavailable.

DamronGrenadier – Above build, only with grenadier archetype. This is probably the best simulation of what I’m after due to getting the alchemical weapon ability from the grenadier levels. While I chose “firearms” as my ancestral weapon a launching crossbow might be a better pick. Gets a “martial weapon” due to grenadier…swap for something else. An exotic weapon, poison use, etc. Maybe a freebie feat or allowance to take the internal alchemist archetype.

DamronRanger- flipped levels – 4//2 ranger//alchemist in case that makes more sense. 4th level allows me to get my hippogriff, and 5th level brings on the boon companion goodness for same.

Monquistor- Dwarven hungry ghost//heretic inquisitor. Progressing toward shadowdancer for a real “spooky chi vampire” feel. Not sure if a mobile spring attacking monk is worth it, as they seem to be sluggers. An 18-20 weapon would be better overall, but there’s no legal way to get one that can be used with flurry for this build. Nodachi, fauchard, or scimitar should all work, though the reach of the fauchard would be best. Heretic might be overkill, and the travel domain might be best.

HumanMonquisitor – Human version of above; added qinggong, dropped heretic for now. Retaining domain seems a stronger choice than sin eater. Heretic archetype offers great ability to “snipe” from shadows, but is probably incompatible with spring attacking unless using a quickrunner’s shirt. Garrote, nine section whip and rope dart all look like cool options but aren’t available with weapon selection. Feats worth grabbing: Belier’s Bite adds bleed damage to unarmed attacks (good for tracking as well as the obvious), eldritch heritage – orc adds touch of rage & optimistic gambler trait extends the rounds it can be used; quicken SLA can make shadowjump ability better and dimensional agility feats could make it really useful, crane style adds sweet tanking option, dragon style adds mobility and might be the best pick to aid spring attacking

MonquisitorArcher – Gunship, the human zen archer/inquisitor and his faithful steed, Chopper


Menhir of Many Styles – Melee druid; wildshape & strength based. Sohei, Zen Archer and Inquisitor builds to come. Inquisitor might be best. Switch to Saurian shaman for allosaur action @6th level.

Drunken Dinosaur – “Open the door, get on the floor, watch out for the drunken allosaur!” Menhir/saurian shaman//qinggong/drunken/sensei. Huge wildshape @6th level combined with boozing and frickin’ eye lasers. What more could a growing boy want? Illegal build. Ditch Menhir archetype and it works.

Mystic Menhir – Menhir druid comboed with ki mystic instead of drunken. Able to allow allies to reroll saves for 2 ki @5th level, and seems to flavor well with nature-y mystic.

Mystic Menhir of the 4 Winds – added monk of the 4 winds to ki mystic and qinggong. Elemental fists sound nature-y. Efreet style for fire, Djinn style for electricity,dragon style for area effect attack with either.

Brutal Metal – Gorum negative-channeling cleric//Inquisitor. Martial artist might be a good alternate to inquisitor for the greatsword flurrying goodness.

defiler hexcrafter – elf hexcrafter hair build. cabalist is another magus archetype choice that goes well with hexcrafters.

transmogrifist hexcrafter – elf hexcrafter/wizard. Might choose cabalist archetype for magus if allowed.

Boomstick – Dwarf monk of the sacred mountain/ki mystic/master of many styles//musket master
Concept: fire a double hackbut or culverin (“Say hello to my leetle friend!”). Don’t need flurry for range – just need dodge (snake style? Monkey pairs very well with ranged builds, too.) and dragon for ass kicking and running through difficult terrain.

Crazyassed Gnome – Expermental gunslinger//grenadier/saboteur gnome. He longs for the day when he can get a culverin or seige weapon on an immovable rod.

Stony Tark – If Tony Stark, Howard Hughes and Gomez Addams had a composite clone, complete with steampunk ironman power suit! Grenadier/Saboteur Alchemist//Synthesist Summoner

MusketMasterAlchyGnome – Another go at the firearms-using gnome. Alternate racial traits shold be applied to both builds for maximum effect/theme. Musket master’s ability to use musket as a 1-handed weapon might qualify him for explosive missile shenanigans, otherwise go experimental or pistolero. Build might need a backup scatter weapon to apply alchemical weapon to for ambush busting, but the grenadier might take care of that with their cone bomb. Also has ranks in ride and handle animal for mounted travel – perhaps a dire bat.

Spiccoli – Order of the Cockatrice//Scout thug charging hurler. Chakrams for sneak attack dice

Ol Sarge – Strategist Cavalier and Inquisitor with tactics domain. The “hook” is using solo tactics to grab any teamwork feat and then teach it to the boys via the 4th level Strategist ability.

Arya Alternate – Sylph Zen Archer//Empyreal/Stormborn Sorceress. Shocking weapons, sees through clouds & mist, and shoots her bow like a tommy gunner on crack!

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