Major NPCs

Kalthar Campaign—-

Kaigen – Legendary Warrior

Tulken Eturius – Elven Horse Master
Gavus/Tylon – Satyr Bard
Brellyn Tusar – assistant to Tulken Eturius
O’li – Dark Elf Fixer in Kalthar
Bullen – Human warrior with a Flame Tongue

Garrant Tolog – former mercenary, manager of the Darkwood Trading Company
Bettarus Tordun – father of Belisarius Tordun
Callegor Tordun – brother of Belisarius Tordun and favored son of Bettarus Tordun
Kye Kittareus – Deacon of Ashren

Horace Black – brother to Amon Black and renegade human living in Igoris
Bray Ellson – Lieutenant of the elven army and commander of the mission to Atarashi

Carnival Campaign—-

Justin Monjo – Gypsy Leader
Brellyn Tusar – former assistant to Tulken Eturius and asshole extraordinaire
Bullen – Human warrior with a Flame Tongue
Big Roll – Quarter-ork traveling with the carnival
Orgus – Cyclops traveling The Great Trade Way
Runsk- orc leather crafter/trader in Humbrell

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Major NPCs

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