Knowledge Checks

Retrying Knowledge Checks:

“Yes, people raised that concern and my point is that no, you cannot try again, but the rules do not state under what conditions you are ever allowed to try to make another knowledge check for that creature type. It makes sense that if the situation has changed then you can make a new check. It is not ‘try again’ since it is a different situation. Thus, you sitting down, pulling out your reference books, and examining the corpse carefully is not trying again. It is a whole new check.” -Gauss, link here

You can take 10 on knowledge checks, as with all checks. The bard lore master ability lets a bard take 10 at all times, even in the middle of combat. – James Jacobs (Creative Director)

“Do the rules as written currently allow a Knowledge Check to be retried at any time? Does anything justify rerolling a knowledge check? (Access to library, level up, a new bonus, cognatogen, minimum time between tries, etc.)” ( Thread ) – Bane Wraith

“Under “Try Again” for Knowledge, it says “No.” So… no. That said, I would allow a player to roll a new knowledge check for a topic he previously failed if he gains a greater bonus (such as by gaining skill ranks or Intelligence, or because he’s using a well-stocked library). That’s a GM fiat ruling though, and if your GM doesn’t want to do that, you need to respect that decision."

- James Jacobs

Knowledge Checks

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