CN Large City
Corruption +5 Crime +3 Economy +4
Law +4 Lore +3 Society +1
Qualities: Defensible, Free City, Insular, Peace Bonding,
Danger: +10
Disadvantages: none
Government: Overlord (King Gammok)
Population:12,400 (70%human, 9% dwarf, 8% half-elf, 7% half-orc, 4% hobgoblin)
Notable NPCs: King Gammok ruler of the city; the Lord Marshall Ramuth Keng ; Royal Advisor Sammeel Kuriano ; Master of Coin Dorna Mrott ; (deceased) Janus Sint ; the kings bastard daughter Roxanne ; Vizier’s niece Diarra Blackmoon ; the fence Pukka
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 9000 gp / 60,000 gp
Spellcasting: 3rd lv spells
Magic Items: 6200 gp 6/2



Map of Karnyn

Karnyn is a great walled city built by Gammok the Conqueror after his army took possession of the smaller city that once occupied this mountain. After 30 years of rule the great city has become an insular enclave protected from the ravages of the borderlands. The city is in a time of peace and prosperity for now.

Karnyn is situated partway up Mount Raz’Eld nestled against a steep face of the unclimbable mountain at its back the city faces to the south and west. The great walls of the city are built of stone worked from the mountain itself and stand nearly as tall as the cliff face at the city’s back. Perched above the city commanding a resplendent view is Greenstone Castle where the city’s ruler lives. Also standing on the raised King’s Ward of the city is Farsight Tower. The lands in front of the city walls are used for farming as well as having an open field sometimes used by passing caravans or carnivals from the Great Trade Way.

The City itself is a bustling urban center with only a single large thoroughfare around 40’ in width cutting straight through the city that leads to the garrison against the mountain face. There are a handful of secondary streets around 20’ in width branching out into the sides of the city that most businesses are positioned along. The rest of the streets are no more than 10’ in width and are often bustling with people. Most buildings in the city are worked stone, clay, or adobe. There are only a few wooden buildings around town including the Foremast Inn near the center of town. There are stables located near the town gate as well as a military one by the garrison. The city watch does a good job of imposing law and order along the thoroughfare but do not bother with much of the rest of the city.

Peacebonding is required of weapons inside the city larger than a dagger. However Karnyn is also a free city, slavery is not only outlawed but escaped slaves are also given asylum here. The city also does not recognize any other authority and thus has become a harbor for escaped criminals as well. Rumor has it that The Falcon a wanted cat burglar of great renown is hiding out in the city as well. There is a forge called The dragon’s heart run by a dwarf named Titus Blackwell


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