NG Small City
Corruption +1 Crime +1 Economy +4
Law +2 Lore +2 Society +4
Qualities: Prosperous, Strategic Location
Danger: +5
Disadvantages: none
Government: Council (Marshal, Mayor, head of each of the 3 merchant guilds)
Population:9,800 (70%human, 10%halfling, 8% dwarf, 6% half-elf, and 5% elf)
Notable NPCs:
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 4500 gp / 35,000 gp
Spellcasting: 3rd lv spells
Magic Items: 2800 gp 9/2

Kalthar is a moderate sized town in the human kingdom of Moreth far to the north east on the edge of the kingdom. It is in the northern part of the continent Anterra no more than a days ride from the great mountains or from the deep forest. It is the main trade gateway into Moreth from Deben and the dwarven clans. The city is built in great rings, creating a concentric circle. The innermost ring has a diameter of 2 kilometers marked by 6 meter high reinforced palisades designed to serve as final defense against a siege. Inside is the hub of the city; taverns, inns, stores, armories, garrison, and marketplace. The inner ring has a diameter of 4 kilometer marked by a 4 meter high wooden palisade known for its 4 great gates leading into the city proper from the outskirts. Inside is the main inhabited area of the city. Most homes and schools and official buildings are in this area. The outer ring has a diameter of 8 kilometers marked by a 2 meter high wooden fence, designed to keep wildlife out. Inside is the farmland that supports the city as well as the fairgrounds where many caravans will stop and make camp and stables. The Outermost ring has a diameter of 16 kilometers marked by a meter high stone fence there primarily to mark the boundaries of the towns jurisdiction. Inside this area the forest still holds some claim along the Northeast edge. There are many druids and rangers who make home in this area as well as a few large farms and grazing lands for cattle and horses.

Kalthar is known for its marketplace where traders from around the continent come to trade.
a Visitor’s badge is available for 4sp for a tenday.
a Customer’s badge is available for 1gp for a month.
a Merchant’s badge is available for 5gp or more for a month with a 5% tax rate.
-A tax license also grants citizenship, with library and voting privileges.
-For 10gp/mo, one gets a 10×20 space in the marketplace as well.
-For 25gp/mo, one can get a 400 sq foot space (10×40 or 20×20)and 10 employee badges
Way street is the main thoroughfare through the city east to west
Kalthar is known for horses, trading, and having been an important outpost/fortress in times long past, particularly at the time of the Battle of Tarrion.

The main trading companies with council seats are
- The Reaching Branch An Elven trading company.
- The West Coast Trading Company A human trading organization.
- The Blue Hands A large group often considered to be like a cult or organized crime ring.

Character Interactions**********
One of the guards at the main gate, Egros, proved very helpful.

A particularly racist guard at the inner gate proved to be not very helpful.

Inside the inner gates lie the marketplace and numerous inns and restaurants (There are 21 taverns in the inner ring, on Tavern street). An Elven Inn/restaurant, the Drifting Leaf is quite posh.

Tulken Eturius makes his home in the inner circle roughly equidistant between the North and East gates. There is a passage next to his home allowing easy access to the Phalanx Stables in the next ring, and the passage is concealed by an illusory wall.

The Ogre’s Tusk Tavern, run by the dwarf Oronsk Totalbeard, is the current home of the PCs.

the Black Moon Tavern is one of the seedier human taverns.

The Darkwood Trading Company is the PC’s current business.

The Barn is the place where illegal bets are held

There is a monk training hall/gym known as the Koba Kai dojo.

There is an annual horse race that Kalthar is famous for. The entry fee is generally between 1-200 gp and the purse is 1500 gp. A Mysterious horse entered as Shadowrunner and his masked rider has been the winning horse for the last 3 years.

This is an election year for Kalthar.


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