Ivory Lily

Secret organization consisting of many members that some of the PCs have befriended.
The PCs know that Tulken Eturius is a member and their contact with the group they have also uncovered the following information..

The organization utilizes a book Prim’s guide to superior botany as a code book for sending coded messages to its members.

The following codenames represent current and former members of the order..
Sea Legs – unknown (suspected to be a pirate)
The RiderTulken Eturius
The ElderBettarus Tordun (former)
CommanderLorte Eturius
Slowburn – unknown

the following codenames represent locations..
The CircleKalthar
Fire CityPerosia
Water TownParopolis
King’s Home – unknown
The Forge – unknown
Soot Town – unknown
Tree Top – unknown
Old CouncilRavenfall

The order was created to do good and thwart evil throughout the lands. The agents of the order work to disrupt the plans of organizations they believe to be evil such as the Blue Hands or cruel dictators.

Ivory Lily

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