CG Small Town
Corruption +1 Crime +0 Economy +1
Law +3 Lore +1 Society -2
Qualities: Royal Accommodations, Rural, Therapuetic
Danger: +5
Disadvantages: none
Government: Dynasty (Mayor always of the Treth family)
Population:1,600 (72%human, 11%half-elf, 7% elf, 5% halfling, 4% dwarf)
Notable NPCs: mayor Broden Treth, viscount Roahn Blackmere, sheriff Tobin Rossi, Arham Greyshield
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 1400 gp / 9,000 gp
Spellcasting: 1st lv spells
Magic Items: 1000 gp 4

Nestled against the foothills of the Kroendak mountains this rustic looking town seems much cleaner then one would expect. The town is divided into levels as it builds up the side of the rocky hills. The lower levels seem to be primarily farms and simple houses. Most of the businesses occupy the middle levels along with some fancy houses. The upper levels contain the springs along with a few decadent looking homes.

Town located 1-2 days West and 1 day North of Herringay near the Great Trade Way. Its approximately 1 day’s ride North of the travel route.

A wealthy “free spirited” female student of Sebastian’s told him that this was a party town full of hot springs.

Inspring is a resort town that caters primarily to rich and noble families of Moreth.

There are 7 levels to the town of Inspring. The bottom 2 levels contain the farm steads and simple homes as well as a few bars and taverns. Levels 3-5 contain the majority of the businesses and the government buildings. Levels 6-7 contain nearly all of the springs as well as the rich manor homes of the elite. Inspring is a peacebond town, anyone traveling above level 1 is required to peacebond their weapons.

Major locations in town
The Grotto – secretive private hotel, spa, and spring that pampers the richest of the rich
The Springworks – the main spring resort of the town
Roth’s – a hostel, spa, and spring catering to the youth
The Golden Apple – a restaurant and hotel


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