Igoris Campaign

The setting: Igoris, a goblin tree village that has recently become a bustling trading hub, with products of the Dark Wood and lands beyond be funneled through it on their way to mighty Kalthar and the elven kingdom of Deben.

Additional Houserules:

We’re using the standard e6 gestalt rules from the Zenfinder system, with the following additions:

Players can purchase additional paths, feats or skills at any time.

Players can combine different classes in their paths – just justify it in some way, try to stick to a theme, and don’t stack the cheese too high. I see no reason why a level of cavalier, fighter, barbarian, monk, ranger or rogue can’t all be in the same path – call it “capable martial guy” training or somesuch and move on. Prestige classes can also be added to an existing path or as a 3rd path with some juggling and if prereqs are met. This makes calculating BAB and saving throws a little more fiddly, unfortunately.

Feats and classes normally restricted to certain races are usually NOT restricted (The gamemaster considers that lame.). For example, acrobatic halfling types can take the goblin “roll with it” feat. In another example, non-goblin alchemists can learn how the Rocket Bomb discovery. One does not have to be a half-elf to be an alchemist of the bramblebrewer archetype.

If you are gestalting 2 classes that have a pool- ki pool, arcane pool, etc., you can pick the dominant class/stat you want the pool to run off of and merge them into one if you so choose. This allows monk//magus blends and the like to use the same “battery” to fuel their tricks as well as recharge them with the same mechanic (i.e. the Hungry Ghost monk archetype’s ki leeching).

Lotsa stuff from the Mike’s Lab page is in play. We’ll be using a number of 3rd party expansions and clarifications on flying rules (Companions of the Firmament), swimming/underwater rules (Alluria Publishing), etc. A lot of this has been showing up on the PFSRD, and I can make individual PDFs available via dropbox or email should they be needed.

Every character gets an extra feat at the startup to use to buy something specific. Either knock out a boring feat to get started on a feat chain, patch a weakness, or buy something fun. (Subject to GM fiat if there are balance issues either compared to the party or the game as a whole.)

Every character gets weapon finesse.

Every character receives the Leadership feat for free @ 7th level. This can be traded for a different feat if the character chooses (in effect, its a free feat slot, but Leadership is considered the strongest feat in the game, so…). This feat can net them a fancy mount, a cohort, a network of contacts, a business, etc.

Every character gets an additional +5’ added to the distance they can “5 foot step” for every iterative they get. Monks get an additional +5’ if they have Fast Movement. This means that a gestalt monk/fighter would be able to full attack and move up to 15’ in one round. All movement beyond the first 5’ provokes AoOs.

Classes and Class Specific Changes:

When it comes to 3rd party stuff anything I’ve seen from:

Drop Dead Studios
Rite Publishing
Radiance House
Supergenius Games
Purple Duck
Open Design/Kobold Quarterly
Interjection Games

will probably work – just ask. Most of its on the PFSRD.

Zen’s got a homebrew engineer class that seems to need some work, but the Tinker class from Interjection Games and Machinesmith from Louis Porter Jr are both engineer-y classes that have great reviews, so we’ll call those options (I have them, but they’re not yet on the wiki).

We’re not using psionics, but might dip into that eventually. Dreamscarred Press are the leaders in that realm.

Monks — Monks can spend 1 ki point to gain 1 extra attack/round, not just while flurrying.
Monks can spend 1 ki point to add their wisdom mod to their to hit adjustment for 1 round
EVERY monk is a qinggong monk by default.

Note: Martial Artists don’t have a ki pool, so they get Weapon Training with unarmed strike and monk weapons.

Monks get +5’ to their 5 foot step distance if they have Fast Movement. If they have an iterative, they get +5’ more. All movement beyond the first 5’ provokes AoOs as normal.

Optional Rogue Rules – Rogue rules. Rogues get a guile pool and the ambush class feature. Rogue Talents might need some attention as well…there are a handful of good ones but most are less powerful than the feat they’re supposed to represent.

Fighter Houserules – Fighters get +2 skill points/level and perception as a class skill.

Rangers – The Trapper archetype was reworked in Rogue Glory, as were Ranger Traps. See Mike’s Lab for details.

Feats -

Skills -

Equipment – For the most part, equipment will be readily available, as will magic items. You might have to wait a session or 2 to get a special dingus you want, depending on plot development, but I’ll try to keep that to a minimum.

Crafting rules from Spes Magna are in effect. Optional Crafting Rules

Spells – We are using the Words of Power system (optional, but playable), Pact Magic from Radiance House, and Ritual Magic/Incantations from Zombie Sky Press Ritual Incantations. Rituals probably wont be known by characters at the start of the game unless it furthers the plot.

Comprehend Languages – Welcome to Google Translator. This spell adds +10 on your linguistics check. You cannot take a 10 while using this spell, and the GM rolls this check in secret. A natural 1 and failing the check by more than 5 ups the wisdom check DC to 15.

Igoris Campaign

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