LE Small Town
Corruption +2 Crime +2 Economy +2
Law +1 Lore +1 Society +2
Qualities: Prosperous, Insular
Danger: +15
Disadvantages: none
Government: Overlord (Epon mayor)
Population:1,400 (53%goblin, 9% mite, 6% satyr, 6% hobgoblin, 6% half-orc, 5% half-elf, 4% bugbear, and 4% halfling)
Notable NPCs: Epon ; Gorlak ; Austyn ; Oakatar ; Horace Black ; Mama Bliss
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 2300 gp / 13,000 gp
Spellcasting: 2nd lv spells
Magic Items: 1900 gp 7/5

Goblin Free Town in a large tree in the Dark Wood, with an elevator operated by an old, blind goblin named Blinkin.

Its mayor, Epon, is an enterprising goblin, with a tongueless half orc barbarian bodyguard named Gorok.

The town has a wizard named Oldman (opposed schools illusion and necromancy), an alchemist named Austyn Rason Powers, at least two church, a shaman of the “kill whitey (elves)” variety and a progressive cleric gaining influence steadily. The market boasts traders selling rope (some made of spidersilk) and other frontier/odd items. The master hunter, Oakatar, and his apprentice, Durwick, hunt and patrol on riding dogs which are kenneled at the base of the tree.

There are rumors of werewolves near the river, but worgs were all that were found, and the river was accursed in some manner.

Things have changed in Igoris since our PCs first visited. They’ve added a 3rd level that is restricted to small characters only due to structural issues, but have made increasing use of alchemical cement and the engineering expertise of Horace Black. This has greatly saddened Oakatar and others in that their way of life is falling to progress, but the increased prosperity benefits many.

The goblins have tapped many of the secrets of the forest, and are currently using insects, tree crops, fungi and whatever technologies they can adapt from various kinds of wood the forest contains. One of their staples is a form of fungus that provides many of their calories (Must be magic, as fungus doesn’t have squat for caloric value…). Their path to progress is slowed by the denizens of the forest. One of those obstacles which the PCs helped overcome was a quickwood, a noxious, sentient plant that proved the end of many a goblin.

On certain years, the spiders swarm in the forest. This has actually become a time of great joy in the goblin community, as they have learned to herd the swarms onto flammable stacks of vegetation and light them with torches or flaming arrows, creating a large bbq pit full of crunchy, high protein snacks . Such fare is often on the menu at Mama Bliss’s Cafe Paropolis

Various types of tree saps are tapped each spring for syrups, sugar, candy, beer and vinegar production. Nuts are ground and used as flour and as a liquid similar to horchata (Its called orjaat in these parts.), sweetened with syrup and often fortified with alcohol.

There is an outpost of the Darkwood Trading Company operated by Urga a young female goblin with a keen mind for numbers who coordinated the pick up and drop off of goods from the elven roads picking up goods from Kalthar and the Elven Kingdom and dropping off many of the unique and hard to come by alchemical items that the goblins of Igoris are starting to become known for.


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