N Small City
Corruption +1 Crime +1 Economy +3
Law +0 Lore +3 Society +4
Qualities: Academic, Prosperous, Rumor-mongering Citizens; Tourist Attraction
Danger: +5
Disadvantages: none
Government: Council
Population:6,800 (70%human, 9%half-elf, 7% dwarf, 6% elf, 5% half-orc)
Notable NPCs:
Base Value and Purchase Limit: 5000 gp / 30,000 gp
Spellcasting: 2nd lv spells
Magic Items: 2500 gp 6/3

Known for its cattle drives and fine leather goods. Also known for Charlie’s Meats, home of excellent bbq, good times and the occasional bar brawl.

Runsk the orc trades leather and makes masterwork leather goods.

The city also features fine caravans sold, made, and modified by Tumal Garn. He and his wife are known not only for their fine work but also for their hospitality. They’re located North of the city along the outskirts.


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