Garrant Tolog

Human fighter who was “recruited” after ambushing the PCs at the behest of Brellyn Tusar. Has fought in the ring at The Barn on occasion and now works as the manager (and partner) at the Darkwood Trading Company.

He is staying at the Ogre’s Tusk Tavern in the PCs rooms until their return.

Human fighter, 3rd level
Str: 17, Dex: 13, Con: 14, Int: 14, Wis: 9, Chr: 12
BAB 3, To hit: 6/4 ranged, AC: 14 (19 in breastplate), HP: 33
Fort: 5 Ref: 2 Will: 1
+1 skill pt for favored class

Languages: Common, Morethan, Dartoum

Feats: Power Attack, Cleave, Dodge, Mobility, Focused Study: Skill Focus (Diplomacy)
Skills (2 + int/lv + 1 fav, + 1hum = 18): Appraise: 3, Bluff: 2, Diplomacy: 2, Handle Animal 1, Intimidate: 2, Know(local): 1, Perception: 1, Prof(Merchant): 3, Sense Motive: 3.
Traits: Auspicious Tattoo (+1 on will saves), defender of the society, Merchant’s Child

Worn in shop or town:
Leather armor
Dagger(2), 1 cold iron
Sling, 10 bullets; cold iron, silver weapon blanch
1 potion cure light wounds
1 smoke pellet (for distraction, concealment or blocking line of sight)
2 doses alchemist’s kindness
1 dose bachelor snuff
Everburning torch (cast on hook-shaped magnet, doubles as a flint striker)
Pimp stick/beatdown aid. When you can’t bring a greatsword, you can usually bring this.
Sling staff – used when playing fetch with the dogs, but Garrant is becoming aware of the possibilities of lobbing thunderstones and flasks. Carried only occasionally.
Signal whistle (summon dogs/watch)
Dice – what low-wisdom sporting type doesn’t like a good dice game?
Cards – same as dice, only with more counting. Garrant’s generally better with these due to his intelligence.
Marbles – distractions, fling em under the feet of enemies, sling ammo, play with his kid (kids?)
Jerky or sausage, small cheese wedge, etc. – dog treats; Garrant treats
(not usually on person, but around) Foot long hunk of rope – used as dog toy and possible sap
(All edged weapons have been carefully honed on a whetstone for +1 dmg on the first hit.)

Fightin’/Expectin’ trouble equipment:
Fine Greatsword
Fine Breastplate
1 potion enlarge person, wrist spring sheath
3 chakrams (cold iron, silver weapon blanch)
(All edged weapons have been carefully honed on a whetstone for +1 dmg on the first hit.)
Small assortment of alchemical goodies like alchemist’s fire and flash powder
Other potions from shop if appropriate: prot from evil, exped retreat, magic weapon, shillelagh, etc.

Horse and tack – stabled at the Phalanx Stables

Garrant manages a shop that sells bows, magic items and alchemical supplies, and got a decent amount of loot (about 1000 gp, overall, 200 of which were spent buying into the Darkwood Trading Company ) from aiding the party in taking down Brellyn Tusar. He is likely to have access to such items when he needs them and will be better equipped than the average townie as a result. Should he require it, there are 2 trained riding dogs at the warehouse, Pinky and Brain, and he knows Tulken Eturius and O’li, as well as friends at The Barn, and manages the wizards Rohab and _______ at the shop. He is also busily learning Goblin and Elvish and, while not willing to head off into the Dark Wood on his own, he’s getting more friendly with his trading partners. Its likely that he has a few sling bullets on him that are made of sand or just found rocks, just for taking potshots at stumps or rodents or whatnot when he’s bored (the sand ones disintegrate on a solid hit, so no ricochets…handy when trying to nail a rat or pigeon in the warehouse. He pays his kid to make him the little sun-baked mudballs.). There’s a knife-scarred target board up on his wall at home and at the warehouse office for similar reasons, often with a few knives, crossbow bolts and the occasional throwing axe or chakram still pinned to it.

He also has at least one baby mama, so keeping some of this on hand might be a good idea for our hero: Bachelor Snuff

His personal history includes numerous brushes with zombies and a wight, so he is familiar with those creatures. As such, he probably has some cure light wounds potions, holy water and alchemist’s fire nearby, knows that braced weapons and slashing damage tears zombies up quick and that distance is your friend (Thus his purchase of the bardiche and the chakrams!).

He pays his 1gp/mo to the Koba Kai gym and works out pretty regularly. He’ll take a ring fight once in a while but is moving toward the non-lethal events now that he’s got more to lose. He’s also transitioning from “deadbeat dad” to “semi-responsible dad” now that he’s back in town, and is probably spending more time with both his kid and his kid’s friends, teaching them the fine arts of slinging stones, teaching them how to properly conduct a snowball ambush, blowing things up with alchemical fireworks, and other important lessons of manhood. His eligibility has not escaped the attentions of numerous MILFs, either…

Think receding-hairline ex-football jock turned salesman and you’ve probably got Garrant’s personality down.

Garrant Tolog

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