Darkwood Trading Company

stall M10 in the Kalthar marketplace

Trading company founded by the PCs in their second day in Kalthar. For the cost of 10 gp/ month, it currently consists of 4 business licenses and lists Belisarius Tordun as the proprietor. The business licenses grant voting privileges, library privileges, and trading privileges and a 10′ × 20′ stall in the marketplace.

The company business is expanding, with a leather worker, woodworker, and new apprentice wizard having been hired on, and more workers and management (Bel’s contact at the West Coast Trading Company is considering coming aboard) being considered. Business accounts are being handled through a local bank, with an account at the West Coast Trading Company being considered for better access to funds through its network.

The new, 25gp license allows 10 badges and a 10×40 space (Or 20×20. We expanded into the space behind us, since both spaces on either side were taken). There are 2 guard dogs for the market space, Pinky and Brain. Also, there is a heavy wagon, chain and pulleys to transport gear. The barbarian’s cart and horse are also available to transport items.

Trade relations with the goblins are being solidified after a chance meeting with Austyn Reason Powers. On nights of the full and dark moon there is to be a meeting to exchange trade goods at the crossroads of the path to Igoris and one of the main roads into Kalthar.

There are 3 hidden spaces in the market stall. 1 18″×18″×18″, 1 18″×12″×6″ and 1 12″×6″×3″

A warehouse was recently purchased through combined funds (1000 gp, 5 ways), making the current partners Belisarius, Zeltais, Orion, Presley and Garrant Tolog, the fighter we recruited on the expedition against Brellyn at the dwarven settlement. The warehouse can comfortably house 15 tons of trade goods, though it is unspecified if that’s 15 tons of lead or 15 tons of chicken feathers…

The shop currently features the following employees:

Garrant Tolog – Manager, human fighter (greatsword, breastplate, buckler, sling, 1 potion cure light wounds)
Rohab – Human wizard, can craft potions and scrolls
1 other low level caster -elf
Dai’onna -elvish leather crafter
Lee’en – elvish woodworker
Another elvish woodcrafter
4 mercenary guards for collections and caravanning

There are 2 guard (riding) dogs normally at the warehouse -Pinky and Brain(runt, 14 str & con). Originally purchased for tracking owlbears, the dogs are equipped with leather barding (while “working”), have saddlebags for travel, are equipped with masterwork harnesses for “handle animal” bonuses of +2.

The business is currently trading partners with the goblins in Igoris and trade building materials such as trade spices, metal beams, nails and the like for alchemical goods, herbs, fungus, spidersilk rope and other products. There’s also a small “consignment” area filled with things made by Garrant Tolog’s kid…mostly sling bullets cast out of mud and sand with a block mold the woodcarver made( similar to what is pictured here ), and a few slings braided by the leatherworker nearby. Even if nothing sells, Garrant slips his kid some silver anyway.

There are a few handbooks of basic magic and alchemy for reference material on hand (captured in the raid on the dwarven settlement).

Also available are the following unique products:

- Supergoo…available in regular (35gp Mending) or Extra Strength (Make Whole, 400 gp) only at the Darkwood Trading Company! If it isn’t from Darkwood, it isn’t Supergoo! (Booth M-10, Kalthar Market Place, all rights reserved).

The Mending oil takes 5 gp worth of extra components that are available from the goblins. Make Whole takes an extra 50. Prices were bumped accordingly with the Mending oil costing 12.5 and Make Whole costing 150.

- Presley Bobbleheads – Priced at only 25 gp, they play a song 10x day (prestidigitation item) and the hips bobble. Songs include the Ballad of the Owlbear Picnic and The Battle of Akellus

Darkwood Trading Company

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