Circus Borealis

A circus of some renown that originated long ago in the north and now travels primarily along the Great Trade Way.

Several simple white wagons kept in good condition approach you on the road. Several folks of different garb and ethnicity travel alongside some riding on horses and some walking. A clutch of exotic animals travels alongside as well as a few caravans highly decorated and bearing the name of the carnival on them.

The Circus is comprised of long term members considered part of the family as well as several traveling acts and mercenaries that have been incorporated into group.

Family Members:
Justin Monjo – Oracle and de facto head of the carnival
Helexa Borealis – Witch and grandmother of Aurora Borealis
Froon Zhaan – Tent master and organizer of the carnival
Big Roll – Orcling rogue
Emerald – Hypnotist
Phundis – Chemist
Anteera – Blind Oracle
Tuomas Black – Playwright and musician
Priya Mystique – Belly dancer and twin of Praya Mystique
Praya Mystique – Belly dancer and twin of Priya Mystique
Chien Zou – East Elven Acrobat
Rorin McBloodfist – Pugilist and arms master of the carnival
Tobias Garm – the keeper of histories
Hoyo – the carnival barker and confidence man
Salish – a PC and the head trainer and wrangler for the animals
Trish White
Riki Walker – Wagon master and vehicle expert of the carnival
Pon Koth – Captain of the Guard originally from Orroa
Gordon Robert – Head chef for the carnival
Bud Miller – Brewmaster of the circus
Aurora Borealis – Young Witch and grand daughter of Helexa Borealis
Hondas Moon – East Elven Blacksmith
Miss Holloway – Eidolon of Sebastian and dancer at the carnival
Sebastian – a PC and magician for the carnival
Rhiannon – half-elf painter and artist
Parish – The priest and cleric for the carnival
La Veda – Musician
Lennox – renowned actor
Squeak – Assistant stable hand
Alphon – Carpenter

Professor Bubblegum – Monkey

Circus Borealis

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