Cafe Paropolis

This large wall tent is a Cafe featuring the cuisine of far-off Paropolis along with live music and occasional performances by Mama Bliss, the half-orc owner and torch singer. Located in Igoris

Got a craving for some deep fried spider with a sweet, spicy dipping sauce? How about axe beak served with a side of chestnut flour waffles? How about some of the local brew along with some of the best live music a deep, scary wood full of monsters can provide? Look no further!

Applejack, ale, various concoctions made from fermenting or infusing local roots, berries and leaves in alcohol are available, and Johnny Five, a trained cocktail man, will serve you the finest potions alchemy can provide. Notable patrons include Surly and his rhamphorynchus familiar, Chuckles, Luthis, Durwick, and Varga.

Here, check out the house band as you sip cold orjaat out of a carved wooden mug and wait for your entree. We hear its an exciting, fushion cuisine approach to sushi – locavores will rejoice!

Cafe Paropolis

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