Blue Hands

Cultish organization found throughout the region, with a member on the Kalthar city council.

Its members are mostly human and wear blue gloves.

The higher ranking members or secret members tend instead to have their hands painted or tattooed blue.

The Blue Hands control a few territories throughout the continent but mostly operate as a trade organization and a mercenary guild.

There is a religious aspect to the organization though and it is known in some areas as a cult due to the fanatical nature of its devout and the secretive nature of many of its rituals and religous heirarchy. Few know who is in charge of the group.

They have a stall on the main thoroughfare of the Kalthar marketplace, stall H-10, located near Hill’s Potion Shop (H-13).

in Kalthar the head of the local arm of the organization and it’s leader is Fee Hand

Sadly, Fee was killed at a dedication ceremony by an owlbear after announcing that Kaigen had been made a member. He was replaced by _________.

Belisarius, Zeltais and Kul-El/Kal-El/Kahlua raided the chapter house of the Blue Hands on one occasion to rescue a prisoner, one Alistrana, a dryad known to Tylon.

Blue Hands

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