Defining Moments

Death of his mother: a caster and a family woman, light hearted and pure, but not skilled in deviousness. She was a voice of reason in the order and of taking the least violent path possible towards social change and stopping evil. It is sad that she was killed by such violent and evil monsters but when they found her body.. along with Bel’s unconscious body there were a handful of broken skeletons and a dead human there.

Life with his father – His father was always distant (responsibilities call, unfortunately) and became more so after Bel’s mother was killed. While Callegor reminds Bettarus of himself, Bel reminds him of his late wife, and that brings forth painful memories. Conflicts became more frequent after Bel fully embraced magic- it was yet another reminder of his mother.

Life at Ravenfall – life at Ravenfall (Mischief really doesn’t like that name!) was wonderful for Bel as a young, bookish boy. An enormous library, grounds to play on, and an older brother to follow around. Bel, while quick, smart and not exactly a weakling, was not the popular, athletic boy that Callegor was, and was reminded of this often by Callegor’s peers. He was perceived as more of a mama’s boy due to their mutual love of learning and his growing proclivity toward magic – a gift he also shared with his mother that she nurtured, mentoring him in the basics of wizardry. Unom Voss and others at the manor helped raise Bel, including the kindly maid who was always so interested in what he was doing and learning. Pretty Lyanna was kind to him as well, and comforted both he and Callegor after their mother’s death.

Then came the death of his mother, just over 60 years ago. When she died, he both blamed himself and lost one of the only people he knew that shared his passion and understanding and talent for arcane magic. Callegor soon left for the Academy afterward, with his age and peer group helping him to recover. The younger Belisarius, was left mostly alone. He blamed himself, feverishly searched the library for any scrap of information that would serve him in avenging his mother’s death. He owes his “warrior of old” and “dangerously curious” traits, along with his “arcane training” racial trait to his experimentation and studies, along with his broadly-based knowledge. Knowledge and leverage are far more powerful than brute strength if one gets the opportunity to use them, so he always attempts to use force multipliers if the he has the chance and works for more resources, more knowledge and ever greater advantages. While he saw little worth learning at the Academy, he was enrolled there at his father’s wish.

Meeting Mischief – Piecing together scattered books in the library allowed Bel to continue his studies of magic, and he was eventually able to call himself a familiar. After long hours of preparation for the ritual, chanting, and casting his mind out, calling to a companion that he would bond his soul to, he grew discouraged. Rising from the circle he’d drawn in the earth and stretching, he packed his ritual gear and headed back to the manor. He was tired, hungry from fasting and his mouth dry from the chanting, so he paused by a stream, sat down on a log and took a waterskin and a chunk of spiced cake out of his pack. He sipped the water, broke off a chunk of cake and chewed it absently as he thought about why the ritual hadn’t worked. He heard a rustle next to him and looked down, astonished to see a raven looking back at him as it polished off the last of his cake. “Not bad, skinny! A few crickets in the batter and it would have been first rate!” it proclaimed. Those were the first words Mischief ever spoke to him, and he’s rarely shut his beak ever since.

Life at the Academy – Life at the academy was difficult for Bel. Not only was he more inclined toward and interested in magical studies, but he lived in the shadow of his more popular brother. As usual, he spent much of his time in the library or in a quiet corner reading. While he absorbed some of the lessons of the cavalry, he chafed at the lessons and expectation of blind obedience, attempting to introduce magic and extol its benefits and being rebuffed. This caught the eye of Lorte Eturius, however, who had already been watching the Tordun brothers for a number of reasons, his association with the Ivory Lily among them. Inexplicably, Bel found himself in the position of leader of the freshman team in the Tsukai Academy graduation exercise. Leading the freshman team was an “honor” that most shirked…a position that, while important, also smacked of being a jester – the freshman team’s place was to lose, after all. Lorte Eturius made sure that Bel was placed in the leadership position, and the stubborn young wizard did the rest once he was accepted his role.

Deciding to cheat at Tsukai – After realizing that the game was rigged, Bel decided to win by thinking outside the box. He employed his roommate Kalel by recruiting him through appeals to Kalel’s greed and desire to bone the system. Rumors were spread re: drug use or cheating of key players, spies or gullible dupes recruited to learn of planning and strategy, and mild poisons slipped in a drink or 2. Sleep was disrupted by carefully-timed disturbances, and the goal line was discretely moved. Mischief aided where he could by listening in on conversations and scouting from treetops during the contest. Lastly, an illusory flag was employed, making the Senior team think that their flag was secure while it was being spirited away toward the Freshman goal. Every attempt to uphold the exact letter of the rules and violate the spirit was fair game. Victory conditions were met, regardless of sportsmanship. It was textbook tactics straight out of the Dirty Pool Playbook, and this was not well received by the University Committee.


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