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  • Lorte Eturius

    Elf Cavalier 4/ Fighter 2 6'6" 145 lbs 220 yrs Lt. and Commander at the [[Tsukai Academy]]. Dean of [[:belisarius-tordun]] Uncle of [[Kalel Eturius]] Brother of [[Tulken Eturius]].

  • Icarra Enaire

    Elf Expert 2 Hot barmaid at the [[Drifting Leaf]]. Sweet on Zeltaius. Her father, [[Jodus Enaire]], did not approve.

  • Callegor Tordun

    Elf Cavalier 6 (Order of the sword) 6'5" 152 lbs 144 yrs Note: the build below is built with armor penalties built in. CallegorTordun Elf Cavalier 6 NG Medium Humanoid (elf) Init + 2; Senses low-light vision; Perception + 9 …

  • Halfling Traders

    Halfling traders [[Rowr]] and [[Kwor]] roam the land.Their wagon is pulled by a large horse (actually an illusion which covers a centaur named _______) and is filled with whatever items that might bring them the most profit. Their "VIP card" is magical …

  • Jodus Enaire

    Elf Aristocrat 3/Expert 1 Owner of the [[Drifting Leaf]]. Father of [[Icarra Enaire]]. Warned Zeltaius not to mess with his daughter on our first evening in [[Kalthar]].

  • Kaigen

    Human? Warblade 7/ Fighter 4/ ???? 3 6'7" 260 lbs 48 years old _A powerful warrior stands before you long Silver hair flowing behind him. Cloaked in fabrics of red and black his skin has a copper sheen to it almost glowing warmly in the light. His …

  • Oronsk Totalbeard

    Dwarf Fighter 3/ Expert 2 4'9" 205 lbs 180 yrs Owner/Proprietor of the [[Ogre's Tusk Tavern]] "I was an adventurer too, until I took an arrow to the knee."

  • Gavus

    Satyr 5/ Bard 3/ Rogue 1 [[Satyr]] and bard, travels in disguise much of the time as the bard [[Tylon]]. Friend of [[Tulken Eturius]] as [[Tylon]] (Tulkein apparently does not know that his friend is a satyr). Gavus is proficient with a bow and …

  • Tylon

    The alias of [[Gavus]] A popular half-elven bard that roams the lands of [[Anterra]] as well as the neighboring elven kingdoms

  • Tulken Eturius

    Elf Cavalier 5/ Wizard 3/ Elf Paragon 2 6'5" 150lbs 220 yrs _The elf standing before you is aged with grey shoulder length hair but a well conditioned and muscular physique. He has tanned skinned from long days spent under the sun and grey eyes …

  • Brellyn Tusar

    Half-Elf Rogue 5/ Wizard 4/ Half-Elf 2 6'1" 120 lbs 48 years Former apprentice to [[Tulken Eturius]] Former stable hand at the [[Phalanx Stables]] Asshole, both currently and formerly. Thought to be a member of The [[Dark Coven]] Was …

  • Bettarus Tordun

    Elf Aristocrat 4/ Cavalier 2 6'3" 133 lbs 278 yrs (old) father of [[Callegor Tordun]] and [[:belisarius-tordun]] member of the elven noble houses close ties with the [[Tsukai Academy]] disowned his son [[:belisarius-tordun]] Lord of the …

  • Fee Hand

    human aristocrat 4 5'11" 157 lbs 37 yrs _a red haired red bearded human male of average stature walking with an air of importance. The man is bundled in leather with a single brown glove on one hand. The other hand which has no glove is painted blue._ …