Tag: blue hands


  • Blue Hands

    Cultish organization found throughout the region, with a member on the [[Kalthar]] city council. Its members are mostly human and wear blue gloves. The higher ranking members or secret members tend instead to have their hands painted or tattooed …

  • Azure Glove

    3 Floors 48 Rooms stabling for 18 horses. The Azure glove is a tavern in [[Kalthar]] who's primary patronage is from members of the [[Blue Hands]] current residents include [[Kaigen]]

  • Fee Hand

    human aristocrat 4 5'11" 157 lbs 37 yrs _a red haired red bearded human male of average stature walking with an air of importance. The man is bundled in leather with a single brown glove on one hand. The other hand which has no glove is painted blue._ …