Tag: Eturius


  • Phalanx Stables

    Famed stables run by [[Tulken Eturius]], often overseen by his stablehand [[Brellyn Tusar]] who has gotten off on the wrong foot with [[:belisarius-tordun]]. The renowned horse [[Warmaster]] is stabled here. There is a secret passage allowing easy …

  • Lorte Eturius

    Elf Cavalier 4/ Fighter 2 6'6" 145 lbs 220 yrs Lt. and Commander at the [[Tsukai Academy]]. Dean of [[:belisarius-tordun]] Uncle of [[Kalel Eturius]] Brother of [[Tulken Eturius]].

  • Tulken Eturius

    Elf Cavalier 5/ Wizard 3/ Elf Paragon 2 6'5" 150lbs 220 yrs _The elf standing before you is aged with grey shoulder length hair but a well conditioned and muscular physique. He has tanned skinned from long days spent under the sun and grey eyes …

  • Tulken's Homestead

    Home of [[Tulken Eturius]]. This appears to be a 1 floor simple ranch home with an attached stable set against the palisades on the outside of the inner ring. In actuality it has a large basement as well as a secret passage that leads to the [[Phalanx …