Adventures in Anterra

A troubling problem
how to get a dwarf out of prison

After meeting back up at the forge the group decided to check out the home of the deceased. Vincent and Arlo snuck in and began casing the joint while the others watched the street. However after some initial poking around they realized they were not alone. While the musketeer stayed outside to keep an eye on the streets and look out for guards like the ones who had passed by earlier the cleric and rafi went into the home. Vincent and the cleric attempted to pretend to be drunken looters. Then Arlo tried to drunkenly stumble into the hobgoblin that was searching Stints office and palm something from him but was unable. The Hobgoblin then threw alchemists fire onto the beflamed rogue and a battle broke out. After some maneuvering the musketeer climbed into the window of the office to provide back up but was bull rushed out of the way by the hobgoblin. In the end Arlo tried to tumble behind him to flank and keep him from leaving but was cut down by savage blows as he passed. The hobgoblin threatened the helpless arlo and the group began to speak with him. After finding out his name was Buel and he was a former member of the Kings Lions and that he was also investigating the murder. After taking documents from the office and a little bit of other loot the group decided to meet up with Buel at the foremast inn the next day. They went through the papers looking for evidence against the Royal Advisor but were unable to find anything specific to him. They decided to to head to the forge and check out the forge that Ramek was working on and were able to locate his stash of drugs. After getting more info about the drug problem and identifying it as midnight milk. They found there are two milk parlors that he may be located at. They also found out that the escort Roxanne who was drinking with smokebeard before he woke up with the corpse was going to be at a ball that night. Arlo and Vincent snuck in to the upper level to see if they could steal or forge invites to the ball and managed to get a look at one of them. Vincent was able to memorize it and then make forgeries from the information. They entered into the ball as Francis Von Biggenpants Duke of Moreth and Pardu Thalu. They learned that royal advisor Sammeel Kuriano was now being accepted as Royal Vizeer and officially taking over for the king in matters of justice. Vincent ended up dancing with and getting to know the Vizeers niece Diarra Blackmoon a lovely half elf. Arlo attempted to make contact with Roxanne who was out with Dorna Mrott the city’s master of coin. When the Vizeer entered the ball he confronted the new human who was dancing with his beloved niece. After meeting and speaking with him he arranged a room for him at the ambassadors arms. Then he went to speak with the master of coin Arlo listened in from a distance and caught a measure of information before making a better impression on roxanne the second time around. He arranged a lunch with her the next day. After the ball the two headed to the hotel and managed to get Arlo a room as well before the two of them went to sleep. Waking up very early in the morning before sun up the other three headed to the milk parlor to look for Ramek. Located in the shadows it is in a dangerous neighborhood. They used Rafi’s scent powers to track down the likely building. There was a half orc falling asleep in front of the door and a goblin in the nearby alley. The group decided to slip some midnight milk into the half orcs mouse putting hi into a deep sleep then began discussing whether to just kill him. At that point the goblin bard suggested to the musketeer to run away from the shadows which he promptly did then a battle begin between him and the other two. Rafi chased him up onto the roof and he began yelling for help. the cleric ended up helping a second half orc who came out of the building with his passed out friend, he took her in where there was an elderly gnome minding the counter and then the half-orc headed back out to help deal with the attacker in the alley. Taking the opportunity telissa knocked out the gnome and then let the musketeer in when he returned from his run and they got the dwarf out. Then they all met back up at arlos home.

The road to Karnyn
Night travels.

The four adventurers headed north in the night

passed by some guards without incident

stumble upon Arlo picking up some poison

Saved him when a Mud Elemental attacked.

Headed into town together talking

Discovered that dwarf is to be hung on the 20th.

the group got into the city, gammon was peace bonded, then the four adventurers got rooms at the foremast inn

in the afternoon vincent (ellen fawkskull) met up with joseph castille, a former friend from the navy. They talked and shared information with each other about moreth and karnyn

meanwhile the rest of the group went out shopping to Puba’s adventuring supply and connie’s candys.

Arlo failed to pass the rumor he intended and has instead spread the rumor that the Royal Advisor Sammeel is now the rightful passer of judgement in the city

Then the trio headed to the garrison and in the guise of clergy managed to talk their way in and see the condemned. they got some information from him about the circumstances of his arrest and got a message from him to deliver to his cousin Ramek. He directed them to the dragons heart forge.

vincent finished speaking with joseph then received the bill with a note from the others. He headed to the forge hoping to meet them there and unknowningly evaded them successfully on the way there. He spoke with the shopkeep and managed to get Titus to come and see after finishing his work. By the time titus finished the others had arrived and the two morethans spoke with titus learning that Ramek was no longer welcome there and is likley to be in a seedy establishment. It was time to come up with a plan..

Into the Borderlands
The Lonely Hearth

AG 1218 Aurenmott 13th

After 16 weeks on the Great Trade Way from Moreth in the East the adventurers Gammon and Vincent arrived at [[The Lonely Hearth] ] early in the afternoon. Having not heard any more news about their quarry since their last lead sent them East they decided to stop and stay for the evening. Vincent weary from the rugged journey purchases a room for the evening for himself and after stabling their horses they sat down for a few pints and to chat up the locals.

Late in the afternoon from Orroa to the West the young cleric Telissa and her savage friend Rafi made their way to The Lonely Hearth as well. Telissa and Rafi encountered Gammon and Vincent as they returned from the upstairs and curious about their homeland introduced themselves and then ended up joining them at a table for drinks. The heroes noticed there were a few other patrons at the inn relaxing as well but did not pay special attention to any of them. Telissa rented out the last room at the inn and the group drank and had a lively conversation about what makes Moreth so great. Telissa was delighted to hear about their homeland and decided that come the morning her and her savage friend should make the journey all the way West. As evening fell the adventurers started to make their way around the bar trying to learn about their quarry. At this time Rafi who was sitting in the corner noticed a group of guards and an Orroan man head upstairs and then only the Orroan man come back down. Gammon after managing to gather some information proceeded to drink a little too much and start trying to get the other patrons to join him in some barsongs. Meanwhile Vincent got side tracked trying to find someone attractive to spend the night with but managed to attract the eye of the Inn’s owner Tangy Bearkin. Then a group of Hobgoblins arrived at the Inn. The adventurers were worried briefly before they realized that these were expected guests. Guards from Karnyn who travel here frequently and help keep order. Telissa checked on Rafi and Gammon before heading over to Vincent and introducing herself to Tangy. Vincent attempted to let Telissa know through innuendo that he wanted her to befriend Tangy and take her off his hands, but unfortunately she only made friends with her. Then the Orroan man spilled a drink on Telissa but instead of going up to change Vincent used a prestidigitation to clean her garments for her. The Orroan man then returned to the bar while Gammon begin to drunkenly stumble. Telissa went to check on him while Tangy invited Vincent upstairs to her room to check out the fine Dwarven crafted furniture she had there. When they got upstairs they noticed the three guards standing in the hallway but just moved past them and upstairs, Tangy was in a hurry to get him to her room. Rafi having had a bad history with Hobgoblins kept an eye on them downstairs even as Telissa escorted the drunk stumbling Gammon upstairs thinking he had a room like Vincent. After they got to the top of the stairs she realized that he did not in fact have a room. Before she could turn them around though she noticed the guards in the hallway, one of whom was holding some sort of potion. Suddenly expecting trouble she made her Aspergillum ready in case. Then the first guard threw the silence potion and the others threw tanglefoot bags at Telissa and Gammon. The battle was on, but no one else was aware of it! After the initial assault the guards began shooting crossbows and attacking with a sap after a few shots one missed and flew downstairs alerting Rafi. With no time to summon his inner spirit scorpion he dashed up the stairs and joined in the fray. The first silence potion wore off but as it did a second one was thrown and the silence continued, but this time the area of effect included a portion of Tangy’s room which Vincent noticed, and used it as an excuse to bolt out of the room. Coming down the stairs he came up from behind the guards and using a color spray was able to knock two of them out. The other guard seeing how things were going to end cut the throats of the unconscious two before fighting til he died hard. By this time Tangy had realized there was a battle going on and called for help. The Hobgoblin guards headed upstairs and told everyone to hold up. Vincent was rushed trying to get the Hobgoblins to let him through before the Orroan man escaped but it took time for everyone else to catch up and realize he was right. By the time everyone headed downstairs the Orroan man had already left. They gathered the belongings they could from the guards and found a wanted poster for Telissa and Rafi stating they were traveling on the Great Trade Way. After some debate the four of them decided to head North to Karnyn immediately and took back their horses from the stable and set off in the middle of the night..

Thieves in the Night
Adventures in Perosia part 2

The Half-Danami girl Na’Ru discussed a job with the group and offered them all the smokesticks and alchemical items in a vault, if they would help her to rob it. They agreed to the job and went there separate ways for the rest of the day.

Sept 25th
Once in the city they met back up at an intersection in the Blue Stone District then headed to the estate of the Westcoast Trading Company while the master of the house Karr Rohem was away awaiting the arrival of Xianara Bannister of the house Bannister. The “heroes” attempted to complete the robbery without any killing but at the first guard tower the ancient warrior Issuss acidentally slew the guard knocking them off the tower and into the courtyard. The human soldier and the magician quickly came to her aid in trying to move the body while the old gnome captain and Na’Ru attempted to gain entry from a second route. After having to take out the other guard tower while the ancient warrior went down into the first and took out the group playing poker they managed to get the magician and his Eidolon into the two towers and have them trick the patrolling guards when they came while the others with him snuck into the main house and the two from the alternate entrance used a secret passage to get in from the servants quarters. The ancient warrior was wounded by a trap on the chest leading to the secret entrance which was then opened from the other side. The team headed up to the office of Karr Rohem and opened the vault and faught the animated construct made from a depowered clay golem inside before looting the vault which almost caught on fire. Then headed back to the streets where they parted ways.

Sept 26th
the Magician Verrin Mesik spends the morning taking the others around to the White Water District and showing them where they can sell items of questionable origin safely and introduces them to his fixer Makk the Orcling so they could unload the goods they acquired other then the smoke sticks. In the afternoon Issuss went to the library to study up on the local history and practice her skills. She caught up on local and political knowledge but still has some history left to catch up on. Sergeant Major Verrin Mesik and Captain Bilphin Draxle head to Pink Street to fulfill one of their Soldier’s Oaths.

that night the group meet back up at the Bearded Bear where Ral Kazen stops by and speaks with them. He let the heroes know about the secret plans for the Festival of Kalemba that the Flame Rajah are planning a virgin sacrifice of an Ifrit-Blooded girl. Ral wants there help in the plan to rescue the girl. He has arranged for someone to smuggle her out of the city and get her to safety, a pirate named Long Shanks. They have several agents working together on this operation, it will be the biggest one The Resistance has attempted. The heroes will operate as middle men waiting just on the outside of the great tent at the Temple Square and taking her to the White Water District and making the hand-off at The Fish Out Of Water bar. The group agrees to take on the mission. Gives them the pass phrase to use with the pirate. “Where’s your boat?” to which the response is “depends how much money you have?” to which they should respond with “none, it’s for charity.” Then the group heads to bed.

Sept 27th

The group begins planning how to carry out their mission, Kal’Vein show’s them all the Temple Square in the morning before returning to work. Issuss and the soldier’s notice that there are rebels working as part of the clean and build crew and burying smokesticks in the square.. To the North and West the wall of the city stands guard over the Temple Square though the walls here are lower and only go 15’ off the ground on the Red Flame District side on the other side facing the Blue Stone District they are 30’ high. On the East there are three buildings in the center is the Temple of Kalemba, on the south of the east side is the Temple of Many Gods, and on the north of the east side is the Temple of Dagthen the largest of the Dwarven temples of the town. On the south side of the Temple Square there is the Great Hall of Honor in the center which is the headquarters of the City Guard of Perosia. On the east of the south side is the Ambassador’s Arms the finest hotel in the city. On the west of the south side of the square is the Hole in the Wall a small but incredibly popular cafe. While they were checking out the square a group of Greencloaks came out of the hotel with an ambassador from Bohannen and an officer, Ozylar a man from Verrin Mesik‘s past. He has Ambassador Krennit instruct a nearby guard who is actually Issuss in disguise pretending to be one of the dead guards Sergeant Powell from the previous battles in the streets to remove the soldiers which she does. The Ambassador is impressed with the guards work and will remember her. Kal’Vein entertains his sister Anaria Ash who is 15 and innocent while he works. After which the Greencloaks finish there meal and head to the Temple of Kalemba. Issuss makes friends with some of the guards and embeds her fake identity successfully. The soldiers then snuck back into the square and into the Temple of Many Gods and convinced them to create an altar to the heavens in one of the worship rooms. The clergy then took them on a tour of the temple. During which they noticed two catacomb entrances in the basement. Bilphin Draxle will be accepted as a visiting clergy and given a pendant of the Temple of Many Gods. Issuss tries to get to know the head of the guard in the square Lieutenant Torres Ash. Who assigns Issuss to Ambassador Krennit‘s retinue on the night before the festival and the night of the festival starting at 4pm both nights. She also assigns Issuss assuming the role of Sergeant Sheila Powell to the Ambassadors retinue that night as well along with Corporal Greg Rancor a son of bohannen by birth they spend the night at the Mandingo Fights in the commons. Anaria heads back out to the White Water District. As the soldiers return to the Bearded Bear and meet up with Kal’Vein. They watch his last set while drinking then as he finishes his set Ral Kazen stops in, in disguise. They head down to the storage room and have a talk. Bilphin Draxle recommends that the attacking rebels wear Greencloaks as disguises, but he will advise them that they plan to dress as members of The Resistance. Afterwards they head to sleep.

Sept 28th

In the morning the group meets up and shares the information they have found with each other. Issuss visits Nasoo and lets Syranesh know about her making her way into the guards. Then proceeds to further research them as well as making forged documents and sneaking them into the stacks of paperwork. The others spend the afternoon searching out catacomb paths that will give them an edge. They don’t find any entrances near the Temple Square that lead away from it. A courier from Ral Kazen stops by the Bearded Bear and deliver a package to Kal’Vein of some potions and directions on where to meet up with another member of the resistance.

Sept 29th

The group gathers in the morning and heads to Red Flame District where they meet up with a lesser cleric of Dagthen Tumok Oldbeard. The cleric showed them around the nearby catacombs attempting to help them find an underground path. He was able to show them a route from the alley behind the Gilded Leaf Temple down the street from the Temple Square to the east. The passage leads through a dangerous catacomb to the south to a rebel safe house called Vayin where there is another resistance leader stationed there. A Sylph named Airus Walker who will invite them in for lunch. while having lunch with the group a visitor arrives. Tulken Eturius a tall older elf and Long Shanks carrying a large backpack filled with smoke sticks. The soldiers and the warrior stay outside and chit chat with the pirate while the cavalier goes in and speaks with Airus Walker and Kal’Vein. Then after dropping the smokesticks Walker and Tulken head off on private business and the group accompanies Tumok Oldbeard and Long Shanks to another exit from the catacombs. After which Issuss heads to the brothel that Kal’Vein’s sister works at and finds out that Ozylar is there and that the sister is out working on a private retainer until after the festival. The others join the pirate at the Buxom Bayou for a night of whores and drinking.

Sept 30th the day before the festival

Issuss joins the guards early to socialize and get a better understanding of what the guards are planning before proceeding to her assignment of escorting the Ambassador. While on duty she witnesses a business dinner between Ambassador Krennit and Karr Rohem. While she does not speak the language she is able to understand the basic issues that are being discussed. As well as learning that a Bohannen Skyship will be arriving in two days. Kal’Vein spends the night working. Verrin Mesik goes and finds an underground fight night to join in on. Meanwhile Bilphin Draxle communes with the heavens and realizes that the sacrifice will be adorned in oils and they will need to find a way to counter that effect.

Autumnal Equinox – the day of the festival.

Issuss heads out from the temporary barracks to meet up with the others and bring them up to speed on the new information she received. Then Bilphin Draxle mentions his visions. So the group decides to prep a universal solvent. Kal’Vein will pick up his younger sister and spend the afternoon with her before heading to the prime seats he purchased them for the the Kalemba Festival. Issuss will join up with the guards and learn about the new repeating crossbows they are being furnished with. The soldiers will head to the day portion of the festival in non-descript disguises. Then change before the night portion begins into disguises..

To be continued as the festival begins

The Fire and the Faceless
Adventures in Perosia

AG 1216 Sept 21st

The adventure began, as many do, in a tavern called the Bearded Bear. A pair of old soldiers some of the last remaining Browncoats keeping an oath to a fallen comrade, a powerful magician working with the rebellion, and an ancient warrior on a search for answers. After a bar fight with Greencoats highlighted by the gnome Oracle pinning a West Bohannen soldier that was twice his size. The distraction allowed the secret meeting to occur however a waitress seemed to be far too interested in what was happening at it. After the secret meeting the city guard showed up to stop the fight and ended up just letting everyone go. Including the waitress and the contact from the secret meeting, the Magician sent his Eidolon to check on what was happening and it ended up being badly injured by the waitress which changed its face.

Sept 22nd

The next day the group ended up chasing after the faceless monster through the streets of the city after it had donned the guise of a city guard. They ended up getting into a fight with the city guard in the middle of the street before throwing down some cover and escaping into the tunnels with Ral Kazen a leader in the Resistance they take a trip through the catacombs and tunnels.

Sept 23rd

Late into the night the group arrives at a rebel outpost under the temple district to the south of the north east peak. The rebels call it Nasoo and it is also where the seer Syranesh resides. After doing a reading with the group in particular the cards seen by the Gnome Captain revealed to him what could be a terrible fate ready to befall all of the valley. The group agreed to assist the Resistance going forward

Sept 24th

The group started by heading north to Trade Post to get smoke sticks and Kara leaf and on the road encountered Graken Garrel’s Carnival of Monsters and aided in stopping a Dinsoaur when it was panicked by the horns and went on a rampage. The group acquired some fresh Kara leafs and made it to the trading post where they purchased all the smokesticks they could find before finding a tavern and learning about the goings on in town including the impending arrival of a Westcoast Trading Company Family member Xianara Bannister. Later the group of rebels was approached by a young Danami half-elf who told them of a way to get more smokesitcks..

A muddy day
on the ice isles

on Frostmott the 27th the group arrived at the mud bog and ended up meeting and befriending Grokk the Orkling and his human assistants as well as the child Calvin. They agreed to work together on gathering mud then found an entrance to an underground cavern. The group fought off a bogwid and managed to recover some ancient dwarven clockwork devices as well as part of the formula for Stahlschlamm. They managed to escape the cavern before the tremors built up into a slight quake that buried the cavern. The group then made deals with the mud wranglers and headed back home

the journey home was uneventful and the group returned to Maru’s workshop on Frostmott the 30th at night.

While the group was out and about Pretaan found out that the ink that was used was stolen from the workshop and at Maru’s orders began checking on employees to determine who the traitor is

on Myger the 1st Pretaan interrogated Sha’de and Minx trying to determine if they were the spy, in addition with Cobalt, Maru and Sha’de working together they were able to wind the clockwork warrior partially and get him operating, they also were able to determine that he responds to orders in Bongott from the holder of the half of the key that they have. Alrung had to report to work and make up for the missed performances while he was away. Once Maru had been brought up to speed on the other clockwork device that was not retrieved she ordered the group to go and fetch it the next day from the returning mud wranglers. The group picked up horses and gear to trade them as well.

On the morning of Myger the 2nd the group gathered at the workshop to prepare to head out. Alrung, Cobalt, Sha’de, Minx, Pretaan, and Maakor met with Maru and she entrusted them with a bag of holding 1 with 3000 gp in it to purchase the clockwork candelabra with. Sha’de asks the team to wait while she grabs a few more potions from her room. After ten minutes of searching she comes back to the room and tells them that her potion of misdirection was taken, it must have been by the spy, it was in her room when she left this morning so the spy must be someone currently in the workshop! Maru asks everyone to stay so that Pretaan can investigate however Maakor is impatient and states he will go to make the deal leaving despite everyone elses objections. After he leaves Pretaan begins preparing locate object in his open slot. Sha’de describes the potion vial to Pretaan and he uses that description to track the object down, he finds it in the quarters of Tunibus the Maestro along with a vial of the remaining ink as well as some notes written in Sarni detailing instructions for where to drop off information to some employer. When confronted with the evidence Tunibus claims innocence and ignorance but Maru is not convinced she has the Clockwork warrior place him in chains and take him down to a storage room she will use as a holding cell until she decides what to do. Then it is time for the group to head out onto the road, only 3 hours later then they had intended and without Maakor who went on ahead.

return to the ice isles
change of plans

The date was Frostmott 23rd

The Warrior Maakor, traveling cleric Cobalt, Singing Paladin Alrung and Elven diviner Pretaan had a long discussion with Kuro Moon at the Blue Lotus.. They were given a blank tile that had been erased and used for cheating while trying to search for information about the ruins, in particular where the martial scroll had come from. Kuro pointed out the alchemist Minx who worked at the workshop that made the tiles and he approached her and convinced her to take him to the workshop to look into it.. after paying for another in a string of losing games for the unlucky girl.. When the party reached the workshop late into the night they found it mostly bedded down for the night, but that did not stop Pretaan from knocking loudly on the master of the workshops door until she awoke. He was a bit surprised having to look down at the small gnome Maru, though most of the others attention was on the lithe Ninja Delilah relaxing on the bed thin sheets barely covering her nude body as she gazed narcissisticly at the nearly completed sculpture of herself. After a brief and entertaining exchange about why they have bothered to awaken her and Alrung stepping in to soothe the furious little gnome after Pretaan unintentionally sticks his foot in his mouth with his social ineptitude she calms down and agrees to assist with looking into who is messing with her tiles! screaming about how fools could desecrate her art she led the group of adventurers into the laboratory and took a look at the tiles. meanwhile Delilah slinked out of the bedroom and into some leather joining the others in the lab. At this point the mud staining the martial script was pointed out to have been a special kind of mud that Minx knew a local location of. The thought of possibly finding more martial scrolls drove Maakor’s inner waters into a rage of passion. He did not care for gambling tiles and alchemy and urged the group to change focus to a quest to the mud! The group began to discuss then argue about what to do all crowded around Maru in the lab when the little gnome blew her top and shouted for everyone to be silent, she could not work with a crowd. She looked over the group now fully awake and her eye was caught by Pretaans superior physique. After a few moments of looking him up and down she announced that it would take several days t meticulously break down the inks and discover their components, something that none of you were needed for.. save the well endowed elf.. err with magical sight which she could use his assistance in.. She recommended the party hire Delilah one of her other lovely girls to assist with their quest. After Minx went over the location maps she realized in this season there is a tremendous mud bog they would have to traverse. The workshop had everything necessary to make mud shoes to ease the trip and they decided to utilize the shop to get a few pairs for the group as well as other travel essentials before heading out.

The team called it a night

Then began Frostmott the 24th

The morning saw the party checking out the shops in town and gather supplies for their venture whilst Pretaan was talked into modelling for Maru at the workshop while Delilah and Minx set up the chemicals and solutions necessary for checking the tiles. Then around noon the group met up at the workshop collected the mud shoes they purchased and headed off along the eastern mountain trail to make for the Scarlet Cliffs.

Delilah, Cobalt, Maakor, Alrung, and Minx traveled until sundown and made it up into the mountain pass. They camped out and Alrung told them the tale of Dorin Greyhaven the ancient dwarf king that saved his people from The First Fall though he lost his children and his line in the process. A sad tale of sacrifice and kinship that is one of Alrungs favorites. The others were not such fans. Then the group bedded down for the night after a meal of rations.

Then came Frostmott the 25th

The morning came with a light cold rain and a miserable start to the day.. The only cheerful one in the group was surprisingly Maakor.. normally the dour silent one he seemed to enjoy not only the rain but how miserable it made everyone else. They spent the first half of the day continuing on the mountain path the rain a constant companion. The group stopped for a cold lunch at the fork in the path before heading south off of the path and down the side of the cliff. It was a rough climb in which Cobalt had much difficulty. And Minx fell the last few feet dropping into the mud and getting annoyed as Maakor just continued down the path. Alrung chivalrously helped her up and bemoaned the lack of decency of some folk. After an hours climb the rain stopped and the rest of the afternoon was spent crossing a mud field to the east until they found a small rock outcropping near nightfall to rest. If it hadn’t been for the mudshoes it would have been impossible to make this kind of time Alrung commented.. to which Maakor the only one who didnt get shoes laughed and pointed out that they wouldnt need special shoes if they were as wonderful of warriors as he was. Minx took the opportunity of the dry night and the warm fire to teach Cobalt more about Jong Jin.. and win some of his money. The group had a fireside chat after that about the ruins and the mud and Minx described the area they were headed as best she could remember. the Scarlett Cliffs were part of a small but treacherous cove on the southeastern side of the island. With the speed they have been making with the mudshoes she expects the group to make it in a little more than another day. The groups set watch and slept for the night.

Frostmott the 26th began with a pleasant warm snap

The unseasonable temperatures refresh most of the party and Minx makes everyone a nice breakfast of eggs with the nest of them that Delilah had found.. after Cobalt shot their mother out of the sky for dinner the previous night it was the only merciful thing to do. The group resumed traveling across the mud field until they reached the southern cliffs around noon. After another hour long session of climbing the group was on an ancient path marked by occasional stone markers. Wilderness had encroached in the centuries since the path was regularly used and most of it was now mud and debris. The path ran along the coast line just out of sight of the waters but close enough to hear the crashing of the waves. After traveling for the rest of the day the group sets down to camp for the night and comes upon a small cluster of rocks and realizes it was a campfire. Minx tests the ashes of the wood and confirms it is no more than a week old. There may be company ahead. The group decides to go without a fire that night just to be cautious and settle down for a rough nights sleep with a belly full of cold rations.

Tullamore Dew or Tullamore Don't
Where can a leprechaun get some feckin' whiskey round here?

The party had made camp in the now-vacant cache they’d discovered in the sinkhole. It wasn’t the warmest of campsites, but it was out of the wind and gave them shelter from the beasts of the forest above, so they soon dropped off to sleep.

They awoke to sounds of of a struggle. They also felt…strange.

To be continued

Gobo's Sinkhole Complex pt Deux
Wherein the party disturbs someone's slumber

The party, having explored the sinkhole and discovered the zombiefied swarm, had decided to work on clearing the rubble that obstructed the West passage. Several spells and a lot of hard work done by Magilla enabled them to clear the 20-odd feet of passage in but a few hours.

What the party saw of Magilla while he was busy working: MagillasBoots.jpg

After finally clearing the way, they discovered a room largely full of cloudy water, with dripping water coming from overhead. After some initial recon via light spells, dark vision, low light and a brief flight out over the water by Win-d found all to be quiet, but that there were bits of wood and possibly an intact crate floating near a gravel bar approximately 40 to 50 feet ahead in the channel. Dr. Dakota Ford bravely decided to lead the way, climbing out along the wall and hammering in pitons to make a handrail for others to follow. At this point, the cave fisher that had been lurking near the ceiling over their heads struck! Dr. Ford sensed the ambush just in time, casting vanish and avoiding the cave fisher’s filament.

Our heroes scrambled to save her, with Win-d flying out over the water, trying to get a shot with her bow, Magilla moving his big ass out of the way and Geck drinking his mutagen.

Dr. Ford slipped and slid into the water, the sound allowing the cave fisher to shoot its filament again and missing. Win-d severed it with her nodachi, and Ford used mage hand to collect the valuable piece. The alchemist in Igoris would pay handsomely for it, by all accounts! Geck managed to climb around around the overhang that had hidden the creature, coming face to face with Big Mama – the biggest damn cave fisher they’d ever seen! He bit her savagely (tasted like crayfish that was a bit too old for good eating, if anyone cared to know!). The cave fisher hissed and used its pincers on Geck, retreating slightly up into a rock chimney that was the source of the dripping water and Geck scrambled after, tearing into the creature with claw and fang, ending the threat for good.

The party decided to explore the chimney before going forward, so Geck slithered up and found a small cavern space containing hundreds of harmless bats and a thick layer of guano on the cavern floor. Possibly valuable as spell or alchemical components, but of no immediate concern. He returned to the party and they continued to the small rubble island to examine the debris and crate.

The crate turned out to be marked in older Anngelsh and the markings of the Norean Empire, with an identifying number and various warnings on the crate that the contents were dangerous. It had apparently been covered in some sort of preservative and radiated minor magic. The party decided to open it cautiously. They found it full of an odd spongy substance, and Geck identified it as an alchemical foam, probably just for packaging fragile contents. Peeling this aside, they found a dull gray ceramic sphere with a purple band of color and yellow triangles painted around the band. It was approximately the same size and shape of the broken sphere they had found in the other room near the swarm!

On the island, they also wound a largish spar of wood that looked to possibly be a small catapult arm. Upon closer examination, Magilla realized that it was probably a staff sling for a giant! What might lie ahead?

The party decided to find out. Win-d flew out over the water beyond the island, finding a grand cavern with a small inlet to the right and a hole in the ceiling that revealed a regular room – obviously shaped by some intelligent creature and not by nature. She also discovered 2 more spheres floating in the inlet to the side.

Dr. Ford reduced herself and was flown to the inlet by Win-d. She gathered the spheres without light, roping them into a cloak and brought them back to the island. The party then prepared to move out into the cavern and investigate the opening, Geck traversing the walls, Magilla and Dr. Ford swimming with the aid of improvised floatation devices, and Win-d flying.

Our heroes made it to a ledge about 8 feet above the water to the right side (south) of the cavern. Win-d’s recon flight showed a horse statue near the entrance to the upper room, so the party decided to lasso the horse and use the rope to enter the room. Dr. Ford entered first and began checking for traps. This, unfortunately, triggered the wards that woke the caretaker.

Dr. Ford searched the room for a few rounds, taking in the details. She noted a ladder leading up in the far left corner, some shelves to the right, and a large footlocker or wardrobe straight ahead, standing upright against the wall. Its door was suddenly flung opne, revealing a leathery-skinned, mummified hobgoblin. It yelled something in Anngelsh, and the horse statue suddenly reared to life, revealing that it was a similar, undead creature!

The mummified hobgoblin threw a bomb at Dr. Ford, but she used her Windy Escape spell to turn momentarily gaseous and the bomb exploded harmlessly behind her, leaving a cloud of smoke that obscured the view of the rest of the party. She scampered behind the alchemist, attempting to get in range and use her rapier. She slipped and wound up in the newly-vacated sarcophagus instead, so elected to slam the door shut. This unexpected tactic bought her some time.

Win-d readied her bow, attempting to target the first thing that came out of the cloud. Finding that the horse statue was not a statue, Magilla pulled hard on the rope, dragging the horse through the hole in the floor and thus into the water 20-odd feet below. Win-d shot the horse as it emerged, wounding it slightly. Geck began climbing the wall.

The hobgoblin, cursing, attempted to open the door to its resting place, as Dr. Ford desperately held the door shut. Unable to budge it, he moved to try another tactic. Dr. Ford locked the door from the inside and jammed the mechanism. Win-d drew her nodachi and struck the horse, nearly ending its unlife. Geck climbed, by this time across the cavern ceiling, and Magilla hauled the horse closer.

The hobgoblin slid open the viewing portal/arrow slit to his sarcophagus, but could not respond to Dr. Ford’s wind blast in time. The wind cleared out the remaining smoke as Geck entered the room. A bomb thrown by the alchemist sent Geck staggering over the side, nauseated and nigh-helpless from the gas. He fell to the water below. Win-d followed soon after – flying into the room to attack the alchemist, being targeted with yet another bomb, then, flying out over the water, retching from the toxic gas cloud. The alchemist was blown over the side by Dr. Ford.

Upon surfacing, the alchemist gestured, and a spring-sheath delivered a potion into his hand. He downed its contents and flew 15 feet up and out of the water. Dr. Ford, having run to the ledge, called upon the wind once more and forced him under the water’s surface. All was quiet as the party readied for his resurfacing, but he bided his time, chewing a potion sponge that helped heal some of the damage he’d absorbed. He flew away from the last known positions of the party, then resurfaced, making for the trapdoor exit above to make his escape. Dr. Ford moved to intercept his course, taking a position on the ladder.

With no more bombs to throw, the alchemist drew his scimitar and moved to slaughter the pest that lay between he and the forest above, trading blows and dealing grave wounds to Dr. Ford. Win-d soon joined them as Geck climbed the walls of the cavern, making all haste to help aid his friends. The hobgoblin revealed that he was a magus as well as an alchemist, trying desperately to cast and attack and failing. The killing blow was struck and he uttered a terrible shriek, his body crumbling in on itself. 1000 years of unlife scattered to the floor amidst his falling medals, belongings and other relics to merge with the dust of centuries long past.

Of Dwarven Bondage and Sparkle Parties

Though it seemed like forever, the lovable scamps of Circus Borealis made their way to the room in which their compatriot was held. Listening at the door revealed a bunch of noise that sounded vaguely dwarvish, mixed with the roar of what seemed to be flames. Sebastian cast Comprehend Languages, allowing him to eavesdrop on the group of dwarves and how they were torn as to what to do with their captive. Some maintained she was a spy sent to, well, spy. Others found her to be a problem even if she wasn’t a spy, since they’d kidnapped her. Illegal stuff and rather embarassing. There was talk of killing her and disposing of her body in the fireplace.

Another scheme inspired by Rube Goldberg was put into play, and Miss Holloway was painted with gold, sparkly paint. She dabbed some booze behind her ears and swished some around in her mouth, then prepared herself to head into the room to distract the morons, er, dwarven engineers within.

As the monkey finished picking the lock, the rest of the party hid in the shadows as the door opened. Miss Holloway entered, teetering into the room and slurring nonsense about looking for her friend and wanting to “party”:


The dwarves told Miss Holloway to stop, but she jumped on to the table holding the bound Oread and began slapping her playfully, motorboating obviously being the best way to revive unconscious kidnap victims. The dwarves moved to seize Miss Holloway. Our stalwart band of carnival misfits sprang into action,and the cats snuck into the room successfully and began heading to flank.

Thinking they had surprise on their side, Sebastian ineffectually cast grease upon the groggy but now awakened oread. This accomplished nothing positive, actually worsened their overall position quite a lot, but seemed like a good idea at the time…it was the Obamacare of opening gambits!

After this, the door was slammed shut, leaving a perfect pair of tits on one side of the door and Miss Holloway & co. on the other. The Barbarian attempted to batter down the door. Despite all his rage, he proved just a rat in a cage – the door gave not an inch. Sebastian summoned an earth elemental and sent it under the door, where it attacked somebody-or-other Greyshield, an NPC currently acting as a doorstop. A solid hit was rendered (17 pts. Boo yah!) but the doorstop held fast. Several other dwarves moved up and dispatched the elemental.

At this point, Sebastian got his warface on. He dismissed Miss Holloway, leaving several dwarves who’d been grappling her puzzled, disappointed, and empty-handed. He began summoning a squad of earth elemental thugs, which he probably should have done in the first place.

The dwarves began negotiating, but their terms were ass. “Throw us the idol and we’ll think about throwing you the whip…in 5 minutes or so.” To be truthful, our heroes had forgotten that they had met some old dwarf bastard on their way into town who knew one of the dwarf bastards inside the room. The oread even had a pendant from him, and we could have used this to talk our way out. Se le guerre.

4 elementals were summoned and ready. Haste was cast. And then the unthinkable occurred – we found a peaceful solution (Fuckin’ hippies!). Negotiation finally began.

And then…an earthquake struck. Sebastian recovered quickly, sending the elemental squad forth to collect data since they had nothing better to do. The elementals gave rough (1 mile radius, probable epicenter) data leading to a location near the Grotto as the probable origin.
They also reported that there was some kind of involvement with water near the source.

Negotiations then began with the dwarves in earnest, with the party agreeing to not only help solve the mystery of the tremors, which had been increasing in severity and frequency. the dwarves were also worried that people were stealing their tech, so wanted some kind of agreement to guarantee their union shop. Sebastian promised whatever they wanted to hear and went on with life, returning to the Golden Apple for his well-deserved rest.

Based on the reports of the elementals, the Grotto seemed the most likely epicenter of the quake. As such, upon arising, our crack team began scheming, hoping to find a way into the Grotto. Sebastian tried to bluster his way into the mayor’s office, scoring an appointment at 1:30. The oread worked the crowd like Miley Cyrus works any given phone pole. The druid sniffed around the Grotto. The dwarf worked at the forge and stayed surly (why is he here, again?).

Sebastian encountered one Morna Dornnt, a hot, rich cougar (rumored to be affiliated with the West Coast Trading Company) who dug his young, virile form. He arranged to meat her at the Grotto at 7:30. He moved on to lunch at the Blue Falls, having been informed the mayor was dining there.

The Blue Falls restaurant is a half-elf owned restaurant specializing in vegetarian cuisine (again with the goddammed hippies!). They’re located next to a waterfall and provide a spectaular view. A 2gp bribe encouraged the maitre d to “find” a table, so the Oread, Sebastian and Miss Holloway enjoyed lunch and eavesdropped on the mayor and the sheriff discussing town matters. They seemed concerned about the viscount and his overly large number of servants as well as some deaths in the local hot springs. The game certainly seemed afoot!

After lunch, Sebastian met the mayor, convincing him to let them investigate the matters of the tremors. He seemed most interested in putting on a festival featuring lightning elementals, and very interested in what was concealed betwixt Miss Holloway’s thighs. Sins were sensed, bargains were struck, and Sebastian was now a sponsored member of the Grotto club. Oh, the tangled webs we weave…


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