Adventures in Anterra

Of Dwarven Bondage and Sparkle Parties

Though it seemed like forever, the lovable scamps of Circus Borealis made their way to the room in which their compatriot was held. Listening at the door revealed a bunch of noise that sounded vaguely dwarvish, mixed with the roar of what seemed to be flames. Sebastian cast Comprehend Languages, allowing him to eavesdrop on the group of dwarves and how they were torn as to what to do with their captive. Some maintained she was a spy sent to, well, spy. Others found her to be a problem even if she wasn’t a spy, since they’d kidnapped her. Illegal stuff and rather embarassing. There was talk of killing her and disposing of her body in the fireplace.

Another scheme inspired by Rube Goldberg was put into play, and Miss Holloway was painted with gold, sparkly paint. She dabbed some booze behind her ears and swished some around in her mouth, then prepared herself to head into the room to distract the morons, er, dwarven engineers within.

As the monkey finished picking the lock, the rest of the party hid in the shadows as the door opened. Miss Holloway entered, teetering into the room and slurring nonsense about looking for her friend and wanting to “party”:


The dwarves told Miss Holloway to stop, but she jumped on to the table holding the bound Oread and began slapping her playfully, motorboating obviously being the best way to revive unconscious kidnap victims. The dwarves moved to seize Miss Holloway. Our stalwart band of carnival misfits sprang into action,and the cats snuck into the room successfully and began heading to flank.

Thinking they had surprise on their side, Sebastian ineffectually cast grease upon the groggy but now awakened oread. This accomplished nothing positive, actually worsened their overall position quite a lot, but seemed like a good idea at the time…it was the Obamacare of opening gambits!

After this, the door was slammed shut, leaving a perfect pair of tits on one side of the door and Miss Holloway & co. on the other. The Barbarian attempted to batter down the door. Despite all his rage, he proved just a rat in a cage – the door gave not an inch. Sebastian summoned an earth elemental and sent it under the door, where it attacked somebody-or-other Greyshield, an NPC currently acting as a doorstop. A solid hit was rendered (17 pts. Boo yah!) but the doorstop held fast. Several other dwarves moved up and dispatched the elemental.

At this point, Sebastian got his warface on. He dismissed Miss Holloway, leaving several dwarves who’d been grappling her puzzled, disappointed, and empty-handed. He began summoning a squad of earth elemental thugs, which he probably should have done in the first place.

The dwarves began negotiating, but their terms were ass. “Throw us the idol and we’ll think about throwing you the whip…in 5 minutes or so.” To be truthful, our heroes had forgotten that they had met some old dwarf bastard on their way into town who knew one of the dwarf bastards inside the room. The oread even had a pendant from him, and we could have used this to talk our way out. Se le guerre.

4 elementals were summoned and ready. Haste was cast. And then the unthinkable occurred – we found a peaceful solution (Fuckin’ hippies!). Negotiation finally began.

And then…an earthquake struck. Sebastian recovered quickly, sending the elemental squad forth to collect data since they had nothing better to do. The elementals gave rough (1 mile radius, probable epicenter) data leading to a location near the Grotto as the probable origin.
They also reported that there was some kind of involvement with water near the source.

Negotiations then began with the dwarves in earnest, with the party agreeing to not only help solve the mystery of the tremors, which had been increasing in severity and frequency. the dwarves were also worried that people were stealing their tech, so wanted some kind of agreement to guarantee their union shop. Sebastian promised whatever they wanted to hear and went on with life, returning to the Golden Apple for his well-deserved rest.

Based on the reports of the elementals, the Grotto seemed the most likely epicenter of the quake. As such, upon arising, our crack team began scheming, hoping to find a way into the Grotto. Sebastian tried to bluster his way into the mayor’s office, scoring an appointment at 1:30. The oread worked the crowd like Miley Cyrus works any given phone pole. The druid sniffed around the Grotto. The dwarf worked at the forge and stayed surly (why is he here, again?).

Sebastian encountered one Morna Dornnt, a hot, rich cougar (rumored to be affiliated with the West Coast Trading Company) who dug his young, virile form. He arranged to meat her at the Grotto at 7:30. He moved on to lunch at the Blue Falls, having been informed the mayor was dining there.

The Blue Falls restaurant is a half-elf owned restaurant specializing in vegetarian cuisine (again with the goddammed hippies!). They’re located next to a waterfall and provide a spectaular view. A 2gp bribe encouraged the maitre d to “find” a table, so the Oread, Sebastian and Miss Holloway enjoyed lunch and eavesdropped on the mayor and the sheriff discussing town matters. They seemed concerned about the viscount and his overly large number of servants as well as some deaths in the local hot springs. The game certainly seemed afoot!

After lunch, Sebastian met the mayor, convincing him to let them investigate the matters of the tremors. He seemed most interested in putting on a festival featuring lightning elementals, and very interested in what was concealed betwixt Miss Holloway’s thighs. Sins were sensed, bargains were struck, and Sebastian was now a sponsored member of the Grotto club. Oh, the tangled webs we weave…

New Companions
Pretaan has been having visions of several individuals in his dreams. Pretaan meets Stony Tark on the way from the west to Brogard’s Cove capitol of the Ice Isles. After arriving they are traveling around town looking for a place to stay and meet Alrung the paladin singer of Dwarven opera. that night Pretaan has a vision of a specific gambling hall’s Joung Jin tiles, and believes that is where he must go next to meet more of the ones in his vision. Meanwhile traveling to Brogard’s cove from the south are Maakor (of the raging waters) and Cobalt who have met on their ship. Maakor is traveling to Brogard’s cove to seek out an old teacher. Cobalt sees him on the ship and tries to convince him of the outdated use of swords with his musket. After arriving cobalt fallows Maakor around the city still trying to convince him of this fact when they arrive at one of the gambling halls. Pretaan, Alrung, and Stony are going around the city checking all the Joung Jin parlors where Pretaan is trying to challenge the best player at each place. At the first hall he plays three games with their best beating him the first two times. At the second hall no one accepts his challenge and they leave. At the third the master seems amused by this brash young Elf and agrees to teach him a bit about the game and how he got sucked in by the champion of the first parlor. Cobalt asks Maakor to teach him this game Joung Jin that he has never seen. Maakor reluctantly accepts. while playing their game Maakor notices his teacher in a back corner and goes to join him. Pretaan looks up from his lesson to see these new arrivals to their table and knows they are the last two from his vision and asks them to sit and join them.
Prison Break part 1
Mugging the Desk Clerk

Our heroes, having defeated the party of Reth who had been hunting their Reth “friend”, Azreus, continued toward Remmelath, the Dark Coven stronghold at Nightmare Peak. As they traveled on the main path to the citadel, Mischief alerted the party to yet another small group approaching them. Ducking off the path and hunkering down, they observed Morde Kemnon, the dark necromancer commander, Lucky the worg, and 2 wights passing by, apparently headed to the Reth city. The 2 wights, upon scrutiny, were revealed to be Professor Baumlin, an elven professor from the Tsukai Academy and a specialist in divination and a human wight who bore the crest of the Ardin family – possibly Count Ardin himself. The party of nasty folks proceeded on without noticing our heroes, and they quickly got back on the road to Nightmare Peak.

They made their way up to the “secret entrance” they had learned of by way of a road that wound up the mountain. A steep drop off lay on one side and the mountain on the other. It dead ended at an open area on a ledge, and they managed to open the door to the keep after some guesswork and scrutiny of the magics laid upon the door.

They entered the stronghold and saw a long hallway lit by continual flame torches. 2 doors were to the right, 1 to the left, and dead ahead was in open area containing a circular staircase, a desk, and a bored cultist who wanted to know who had opened the door. Our heroes quickly “got into character” and tried to bluff their way in, with Bel doing his best wight impression and Presley unconvincingly trying to bluff his way in. Zeltais, wearing unfastened shackles, attempted to create a distraction by acting like he was struggling with Orion,who was posing as a cultist guard. Bel moved to Zeltais and acted like he had energy drained Zeltais into submission. Unfortunately, the cultist was suspicious and asked where we were from in Anngelsh. Bel translated, whispering to Presley over the Message spell, and Presley replied in Morethan that he was from Antair. At that point, the cultist became alarmed, as they don’t speak Morethan in where Antair is located. So much for bluffing their way in!

The party quickly killed the weedy little desk clerk. Even though he had managed to cast a shield spell, Presley intimidated him, Mischief stunned him with a color spray spell, Pincer stomped him into yogurt and anyone else close did their best to beat him like a red-headed stepchild. A search of the area revealed a ring of keys and a manifest of shipments and prisoner transfers, so our heroes pocketed the potentially useful intel. The ring of keys opened the doors, our heroes finding the room that had been on the left to contain crates and 4 smaller, special crates – 1 crate of onyx, 1 of magisite, 1 of crafting reagents and 1 full of preserved organs and other nastiness. They dumped the contents of the nasty crate over the side of the mountain and planned to steal the rest for themselves, like any good band of homicidal vagrants aka standard D&D adventuring party.

The last room on the right contained 18 zombie horses, complete with riding tack, so they quickly closed that particular door and went to the last room, finding that it contained small crates, a rack of fine short swords and crossbows, masterwork bolts for the xbows, and assorted cloaks and travel gear. A large glass case contained numerous scrolls, but detect magic and careful scrutiny revealed it to be protected by an alarm spell. A Dispel Magic cast by Orion failed to remove the spell, so the party reluctantly abandoned that looting opportunity, hoping to return to it later.

Securing all the horses but Pincer, the party made their way to the staircase, observing that there was an alarm panel near the landing (and on every landing to follow). The alarm was also beyond the capabilities of the party to disarm, so they proceeded up, with an invisible Mischief scouting ahead.

Levels 2-6 seemed to be full of zombies and skeletons, all standing immobile and ready, and the floor thickness seemed about 4 feet thick.

The 7th floor was a galley/kitchen, and the floor thickness changed to about 3 feet.

Floor 8 was a dining hall, currently unoccupied, with a few zombies cleaning up, probably moving about like demented Roombas.

Floor 9 seemed to be a barracks, with the barracks. It was larger than the first 8 floors and seemed to be on “night mode”.

Floor 10 was a crafting lab, with alchemy gear and potion manufacture featuring. It seemed understaffed.

At floor 11, there were guards at the doors but not at the stairs. The floors/ceilings were estimated to be about 2 feet thick for this level.

The floors seemed more normally-sized again beginning with floor 12, which was the library. The library was double the height of the other rooms and had shelves of books 2 stories high. There was a walkway around the second floor and a balcony upon which one could sit and read tomes of forbidden lore, chuckle maniacally whilst considering world domination or annihilation, or do sodoku puzzles.

The 13th floor was an Altar room with a number of locked rooms and the cells of the special prisoners.

Floor 14 contained more cells.

Floor 15 – 18 had doors on the landings – nothing else is known of them. Probably quarters for the cultists and VIPs.

Floor 19 consisted of the staircase opening onto the roof, with no guards or alarms seeming present. There was also access to the mountain peak by way of this level.

House Party!
Let's Get Retarded in Here!

The Kalthar PCs inexplicably decided that having a giant party was just the thing to do in the middle of a quest, so they set about it. Ravenfall was about to be turned on its ear!

Orion Farmer and Presley set off for the nearby town of Haytree along with Unom Voss, while Belisarius Tordun and Horace Black went to the library to find maps or other information relevant to the expedition. Zeltais went to the barn to make some fire poi.

Bel and Horace encountered a locked (and trapped) room off the library. Horace worked the lock and the door opened to a room covered in dust, containing a desk, table, large map and several bookcases. The large map of the continent proved quite interesting, as it seemed to list several dozen Waypoints and numerous towns in a Blue Hand-controlled area to the East of Kalthar, beyond the mountains that were not marked on any of Bel’s maps.

Turning their attention to the desk, they found a spellbook with Fire Trap cast upon it (Bel cast detect magic) sitting on top. After picking the locked (and trapped…a poison needle sprang out without much force, injuring noone….Horace pocketed it.), a copy of Prim’s guide to superior botany, some journal notes written in the Ivory Lily cypher (Don’t they ever change this damned thing?!), and Horace took some very nice thieves’ tools from the bottom drawer. Before they could investigate further, Mischief announced they had company, so our heroes quickly attempted to hide. Unfortunately, they failed, with Bel knocking over a large platter of green pastry cakes (favorites of his father, Bettarus Tordun.) Bel sent Mischief out to try to act as if a bird had gotten into the manor and thus cover for Horace and he, but the bird was instantly recognized by his father’s steward, Went Rodecc. He demanded that Bel step out at once, so Bel did so, covering as best he could for Horace. Bel was told to wait downstairs in the sitting room and he went, taking a random book with him, leaving Horace to hide and wait for an opportune moment to slip away while Bel scribbled what he could recall of the map into his journals and maps using the borrowed book as a shield.

Meanwhile, out in the barn…

Zeltais busily looked about for some odd bits of junk to make into fire poi. Finding a couple of old hanging braziers or censers, he went to work. While banging away on the workbench, he encountered Tillun Garryn. He explained that he was making flaming weapons to swing around, which sent the boy running. Zeltais went back to banging away with his zero ranks in craft skills. Next, he was interrogated by Kogus Garryn at the end of a pitchfork. Again, he explained that he was making flaming weapons to swing around. Kogus was not sure what to make of this, and demanded that Zeltais disarm himself. Zeltais did, and this took quite some time. Kogus finally left, not sure what to make of this seemingly retarded and/or crazed individual, but vowing to seek out Unom Voss to be sure that this man was telling him the truth, and that he was here with Belisarius.

Meanwhile, in town…

Presley and Orion were going about telling everyone that there was a, “Party at Ravenfall, bitchezz!!!” and finally encountered Raul Treeholme, chef of Ravenfall. He was quite surprised to hear that there was going to be a party at the manor, but he was up to the task. With Orion’s help (and an ant haul spell) he was able to get all the supplies he needed back to the manor to begin the preparations. Presley continued to round up townsfolk, and, having spied Bettarus’ horse at a nearby tavern, made sure to tell everyone that the party was to be a surprise and not to tell Bettarus. He also messed with Bettarus’ saddle (disable device) to help slow old boy down a bit and give our heroes more time to pull off the caper!

Meanwhile, back in the sitting room…

Bel cooled his heels as a guard assigned by The Rodent watched. Eventually he came up with the excuse that the book he was reading was boring him to tears, and if he could pop up to the library and grab another, and that the guard could grab a snack from the kitchen. Finally having the chance, he made his way to the library to let Horace know that he could finally sneak away. Horace told him that The Rodent knew that we had entered the locked room and seemed quite upset, and that he overheard a female(?) voice speaking Anngelsh. Bel was able to piece together what was said and compare it to the History of Heroes book and translated the message as, “The son has returned.” There was a spy in their midst.

House Party!

Presley’s gonna do his stuff in our next scheduled update! Until then, enjoy this musical interlude

A summary of the last few months...
We're gonna need a montage!

In the months since the last update, our heroes managed to kill a number of spiders and haul a 1200 lb chunk of rare wood through the Dark Wood, encounter an ettercap at the edge of the forest who was bent on killing a unicorn, encountered a very resistant dire boar covered in some sort of corrosive slime, and found the satyr Gavus even before the entered Kalthar.

Upon entering Kalthar,they made their way to a spendy Elvish Inn called the Drifting Leaf where they set up for the night, then made their way to the house of Tulken Eturius. There they encountered Brellyn Tusar,who made it known that he as not pleased by their presence…by vague threats against their lives. Upon meeting Tulken, Belisarius began his apprenticeship and the PCs found quarters in the basement of the Ogre’s Tusk Tavern, leaving their expensive lumber with Tulken in the meantime.

The next days were busy, as the PCs discovered that it wasn’t that much more money to open a business in Kalthar as it was to purchase rights to the marketplace. Thus, after a brief consultation with Tulken’s Accountant, the Darkwood Trading Company was born. Schemes of using the space in the marketplace as a base of operations and a place to sell adventure loot were hatched, as was a way to make money between expeditions. Belisarius made a potential trade agreement with Epon, the mayor of Igoris as a way to lower the price of the trade fee back in Igoris, and the Darkwood Trading Company served as one of the first steps to that eventual business goal. Belisarius, Kalel and Zeltais settled in, with Zeltais finding a mentor in Kaigen and fighting regularly at The Barn.

Somewhere along the way, Gavus the satyr showed up in his guise of Tylon. He coerced (charmed) the PCs into pulling a hasty rescue of the dryad Alistrana from the Blue Hands. She was being held in the basement of their temple and was to be sacrificed that night. Disguise Self potions were provided by Tulken Eturius and the PCs were given a sneak peek at his hidden basement alchemy lab, where the ever-surly Brellyn was hard at work on something or other. The PCs made their way to the temple while disguised.

There were 2 guards at the door, and a public meeting of some kind going on, so the PCs pretended to gawk at the religious artifacts in the main hall and Bel threw up a silent image of the PCs doing just that while Kalel picked the lock on the door to the basement. Then, they went downstairs while Bel stayed topside and maintained the illusion.

Finding 3 guards at the bottom of the stairs, a hasty (and bad) plan was concocted for Kalel to sneak past the guards and look for Alistrana. As Kalel wandered about and picked a lot of locks that didn’t need to be picked, and succeeded in letting a goat out of one of the cells. After entering a storeroom and opening a small box with an alarm on it, the guards figured out something was up and one came to investigate. Kalel hid and waited to ambush him. The guard, not being a complete fool, closed and locked the door with Kalel inside. Kalel decided to carefully pick the lock to get out, effectively removing him from the fight.

Meanwhile, the other 2 guards were fighting with Zeltais, and Bel ran down the stairs to enter the fray. Eventually the PCs were able to overcome the guards, rescue the dryad, and get her back up the stairs. Gavus created a diversion and the dryad was smuggled out of the temple and out of the city. The magnificent clusterfuck completed, the PCs dispersed and attempted to create viable alibis and confusion.

After a few months of training, marketplace-workin’ and other assorted downtime tasks, our heroes decided to enter in Kalthar’s Great Race, a yearly horse race around the outskirts of the city. A party of Perosians were in town for the race, and the party interacted with them briefly. Belisarius’ brother, Callegor Tordun, made a surprise visit, much to Bel’s delight. The race was an intriguing affair that Belisarius couldn’t resist joining, recognizing it as a spectacular marketing opportunity for the Trading Company, so he entered himself and Pincer in the race and put the max bid down on his horse to place, since winning seemed unlikely. There were several attempts to sabotage the race, with an attempt to mess with Pincer in the stables at Orunsk’s, a number of wolves summoned and set upon the heroes as they came home from The Barn, and at least 2 individuals trying to interfere with the race by means of a glamored tree limb and a glyph of warding located shortly before the finish line. The favored horse, Shadowrunner, won, with the Perosian horse finishing 2nd, and Pincer coming in 3rd. All in all, a very good result, with a trade agreement reached between Kalthar and the Perosians due to their being beaten in a horse race. Callegor was in town just for the race, and soon left for the Academy. He then joined Lorte Eturius and went on a patrol headed to the North where trouble has apparently been brewing (strange sounds and lights?)

To top it all off, Kalel went missing…along with half the remaining Yuirwood, all of his things and 1/3 of the finances! How will our heroes react to these and other challenges? Stay tuned, dear readers, for our next thrilling update!

Reunited and it feels so good!
Companion reunited, worgs defeated, and a get-rich-quick scheme is underway

After searching the old encampment with Oakitar, we found our companion, Kalel, near the river. He was still under the influence of the mushroom and was making toward the river (supposedly toxic or accursed) to drink. We stopped him just in time. We continued along the river, seeking signs of our missing companion. As we continued along, we heard worgs beginning to dog our trail. We came upon a large tree and happened to see a glint of metal high above. Upon closer inspection, it turned out to be a shield lodged in the tree. A first attempt to pull it out of the tree with a grappling hook and rope earned us only a broken rope for our troubles. Eventually the monk climbed the tree and pried the shield out, finding the adamantine head of a battle axe behind it! The shield was mithril and bore a dwarven rune upon its face- something that intrigued Zeltaius greatly. How long had these items been there, that the tree had grown around them and them being 20 feet off the ground?

Unfortunately, on our way back, we were stalked by worgs and made our stand near some rapids on the river (there appeared to be gold in the rapids, but we did not want to touch it, fearing the cursed waters). 2 came from our front while 2 more came from the opposite side of the river. Belisarius greased the river’s bank as the 2 prepared to jump across (it was narrow at this point…possibly 12 feet or so, and fairly quick) and one of the worgs went down on the opposite bank, the other making it across. Kalel moved forward with his rapier, and Belisarius attempted to use a blinding ray (illusionist power) which proved to be nigh-useless. Kalel was bitten and tripped, the worg atop him. Belisarius sicced his horse, Pincer, on the worg, and the combination of hooves and rapier proved too much for the worg – it died.

The other 2 worgs fell between attacks by bow, riding dog and Zeltaius’s meteor hammer. At one point he also was knocked prone, but his grappling prowess enabled him to fight the creature effectively. A man trained in the use of a flexible weapon such as a meteor hammer can both grapple and strike with it, in addition to disarming or tripping. It’s a very useful weapon, if not capable of producing grievous injuries in the manner of something like a greatsword or greataxe.

The last wolf finally recovered its footing but immediately ran when it saw that its other pack members were dead. We did not pursue.

In the fray, one of the dogs was nearly killed, but a potion brought it back around. We skinned the worgs and brought the pelts back to Igoris.

Epon was surprised to see us, and wanted a 5gp “trader’s fee” to let us back into the village. We negotiated this to 3, promising that we had plans to help make him a very rich man in future. Hopefully some of our ideas will indeed pan out and we can help him, his town and ourselves prosper.

Once back in the village, we traded the skins for some spidersilk rope and placed an order with the alchemist for some items that would help us cut down a yuirwood tree we had seen much earlier that was found in a tree infested with giant spiders. The wizard also gained 2 more spells ashe advanced in experience and power, now being able to manifest illusions with sound instead of just a visual image. This should come in handy against the spiders!

The Dark Wood
Missing companions, a goblin village, and eating leucrotta

Upon awakening, Zeltaius and Belisarius found their companions missing (Brad and Adam both out)!

A search revealed no signs of struggle and little in the way of tracks, so we blundered about in search of them. We encountered a tree full of dire bats as well as one full of giant spiders and managed to avoid those, but no sign of them.

Eventually, we came across 2 goblin hunters and their riding dogs trying to bring down a leucrotta with their bows (which they eventually did) and watched them. Eventually we were noticed and moved up to parley, thereby meeting Okitarr and Durwich. They told us that our companions had most likely eaten a mushroom that causes disorientation and incredible thirst, and that they would most likely head toward the river, a very dangerous place. One of their dogs was gravely injured, so we healed it with a potion. In gratitude, they brought us back to their village, Igoris.

Igoris turned out to be quite advanced – more advanced than goblins had a reputation for being. It was supported in the branches of a giant tree, with an elevator, operated by a Blinkin. Its mayor, Epon, greeted us and allowed us to go up in the tree due to our having assisted Okitarr and his vouching for us. Epon’s bodyguard, Gorlak stood mutely by as this occurred. The dogs and horses were stabled at the base of the tree and we climbed aboard the elevator.

On the main level, we found a bustling village/trading post, with a marketplace. A wizard, Oldmann and I traded spells and a few items. A goblin alchemist, Austin Reason Powers could make and sell various alchemical items. There were also traders of more mundane goods as well as at least one church and a shaman. We feasted on Leucrotta and found it to be quite good, and then set out once more to look for our companions.

Journey to the Dark Wood
Encounters bypassed, a vine's embrace, and goblins victimized

The trail to Kalthar through the Dark Wood begins just outside of Offsite, leading through fields and then light woods. The party encountered both a grizzly bear and a what was later identified as a treant in their first day out but opted not to intereact with them (particularly the grizz). As we progressed into the Dark Wood, it became apparent that this was no ordinary forest, with enormous trees reaching high above the ground, blocking most of the sunlight out with a thick canopy of branches and leaves – leaves as large as cloaks. Little underbrush and constant gloom make it dangerous to travel in, as light sources, necessary even for the eyes of the elves, can be seen from quite a distance. Even darkvision would not be overly helpful as it is so limited in range.

Our next encounter proved to be a near disaster, and it was with a vine – an assassin vine, to be precise. Kalel was dragged up a tree and choked, showing one of the nastiest attack method the vine has – it can slither up a tree, choking its victim in the process and placing it quickly out of range of many attacks. Grease spells are effective, but only if the person casting isn’t already grappled! They also appear to have the ability to animate nearby plants, entangling the feet of those in contact with the ground. This is a nuisance for those on horseback, but can be a significant hindrance to men on foot.

Our last encounter is one that of our worst moments…we attacked a small group of goblins who lived in a tree.

Having spied a campfire, we send Kalel to approach it. He saw noone there until he looked up – and saw a goblin in a tree pointing an arrow at him. He backed away and it did not fire. After returning to us and commiserating, we decided that, given what we had heard of goblins, that they would surely follow and attack us in the night. Belisarius walked to the campfire with a silent image of Kalel following…the real Kalel was to sneak around to the back of the encampment and ready his bow. Belisarius, being the only one who could speak goblin, called to the goblins to come out and parley.

One timidly did so, and came forward…we asked only to share his food and fire. After a bit of hesitation, the goblin offered some food in trade for drink…wine or ale. At this point, we attacked them, slaughtering them quickly. The food, however, had been tainted with some kind of toxin which left Belisarius seeing visions, unconscious for the time. The rest fanned out and found only a small group of goblin children cowering in the tree.

After a time, Belisarius recovered. Being the only one who could speak goblin, he attempted to lure the children out. Having just witnessed their parents and kin slaughtered by elves, they were in no way influencible, (particularly by someone who had no bluff or diplomacy skills) so we tried to dig, chop and smoke them out, having no way to reach them through the small opening of the tree. They managed to escape through a tunnel of some kind while this occurred, leaving us to ride along, unsure if we would be attacked by more goblins.

Offsite Fight Night
Fights, Bets, Sticking Dad with the bill

After finally leaving the Tsukai Academy, we made our way to Offsite, where we purchased more supplies for our journey. Belisarius purchased a number of scrolls, including one called “Masterwork Transformation”, which would hopefully prove of use later. The proprietor offered him a job making scrolls, but that appealed almost as much as apologizing to his father for winning the Tsukai Academy Test, so he declined (now the prospect has some appeal, as money is short and winter approaches in Kalthar, but that is a tale for another time).

Upon meeting up with the group, Belisarius was introduced to the person who would become our guide, a half-elf barbarian named Cirrus, who claimed that we could either take the road or travel with him through the Dark Wood. There were caravans leaving by the road that we could seek employment with, or try our luck in the wood. We chose the wood.

After this decision, there were fights and gambling to be done, so the wizard retired to his room (and realizes now that he should have stuck his father with the bill for those, too, along with any supplies purchased…foolish pride gets in the way of so much) to study his books and glean whatever knowledge he could of Kalthar, the Dark Wood and the journey ahead.

Kalel quickly worked his way into the position of taking bets and knowing the score on a few of the fighters…the main fight was a “ringer” from our of town, a warblade named Kaigen, who we would meet again in Kalthar. The barbarian fought and won, the monk fought Belisarius’s own brotherCallegor Tordun and lost, and the warblade defeated his opponent handily – he appears to be an expert at sundering weapons, and did so in the first round.

Money was made and lost, and Belisarius now regrets studying instead of making what amounted to easy money, as its in such short supply now. It would have been nice to see his brother one last time as well.

Saying goodbye - and good riddance!
Horses are borrowed, a horse is stolen, and a saddle is greased

Belisarius decided to pay the library a visit, receiving aid from a librarian who coughed politely and left him to his own devices while he was on lunch. Books were stolen, the contents of 1 purloined, and a nice parting gift of shiny gold left for the librarian.

Belisarius’s brother Callegor Tordun was most disheartened by the news of his disownment, and leant 2 horses (including Pincer) and some gear to help with the times ahead.

Kalel went about collecting debts and dodging paying debts of his own as Zeltaius and I arranged to leave. One little prick (who’d braced Kalel in the last session) tried to run him down with several companions. An illusion of Kalel running through a barn and up the stairs to a 2nd level of the academy (a level at least partially in trees) fooled them sufficiently and let Kalel escape, grabbing one of their horses in the process, leaving only the buffoon in charge in the stableyard with Zeltaius and myself nearby. As he tried to run down Kalel, his saddle was greased, resulting in him falling off his horse.

We all rode for Offsite.


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