Adventures in Anterra

The road to Karnyn

Night travels.

The four adventurers headed north in the night

passed by some guards without incident

stumble upon Arlo picking up some poison

Saved him when a Mud Elemental attacked.

Headed into town together talking

Discovered that dwarf is to be hung on the 20th.

the group got into the city, gammon was peace bonded, then the four adventurers got rooms at the foremast inn

in the afternoon vincent (ellen fawkskull) met up with joseph castille, a former friend from the navy. They talked and shared information with each other about moreth and karnyn

meanwhile the rest of the group went out shopping to Puba’s adventuring supply and connie’s candys.

Arlo failed to pass the rumor he intended and has instead spread the rumor that the Royal Advisor Sammeel is now the rightful passer of judgement in the city

Then the trio headed to the garrison and in the guise of clergy managed to talk their way in and see the condemned. they got some information from him about the circumstances of his arrest and got a message from him to deliver to his cousin Ramek. He directed them to the dragons heart forge.

vincent finished speaking with joseph then received the bill with a note from the others. He headed to the forge hoping to meet them there and unknowningly evaded them successfully on the way there. He spoke with the shopkeep and managed to get Titus to come and see after finishing his work. By the time titus finished the others had arrived and the two morethans spoke with titus learning that Ramek was no longer welcome there and is likley to be in a seedy establishment. It was time to come up with a plan..



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