Adventures in Anterra

The Fire and the Faceless

Adventures in Perosia

AG 1216 Sept 21st

The adventure began, as many do, in a tavern called the Bearded Bear. A pair of old soldiers some of the last remaining Browncoats keeping an oath to a fallen comrade, a powerful magician working with the rebellion, and an ancient warrior on a search for answers. After a bar fight with Greencoats highlighted by the gnome Oracle pinning a West Bohannen soldier that was twice his size. The distraction allowed the secret meeting to occur however a waitress seemed to be far too interested in what was happening at it. After the secret meeting the city guard showed up to stop the fight and ended up just letting everyone go. Including the waitress and the contact from the secret meeting, the Magician sent his Eidolon to check on what was happening and it ended up being badly injured by the waitress which changed its face.

Sept 22nd

The next day the group ended up chasing after the faceless monster through the streets of the city after it had donned the guise of a city guard. They ended up getting into a fight with the city guard in the middle of the street before throwing down some cover and escaping into the tunnels with Ral Kazen a leader in the Resistance they take a trip through the catacombs and tunnels.

Sept 23rd

Late into the night the group arrives at a rebel outpost under the temple district to the south of the north east peak. The rebels call it Nasoo and it is also where the seer Syranesh resides. After doing a reading with the group in particular the cards seen by the Gnome Captain revealed to him what could be a terrible fate ready to befall all of the valley. The group agreed to assist the Resistance going forward

Sept 24th

The group started by heading north to Trade Post to get smoke sticks and Kara leaf and on the road encountered Graken Garrel’s Carnival of Monsters and aided in stopping a Dinsoaur when it was panicked by the horns and went on a rampage. The group acquired some fresh Kara leafs and made it to the trading post where they purchased all the smokesticks they could find before finding a tavern and learning about the goings on in town including the impending arrival of a Westcoast Trading Company Family member Xianara Bannister. Later the group of rebels was approached by a young Danami half-elf who told them of a way to get more smokesitcks..



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