Adventures in Anterra

return to the ice isles

change of plans

The date was Frostmott 23rd

The Warrior Maakor, traveling cleric Cobalt, Singing Paladin Alrung and Elven diviner Pretaan had a long discussion with Kuro Moon at the Blue Lotus.. They were given a blank tile that had been erased and used for cheating while trying to search for information about the ruins, in particular where the martial scroll had come from. Kuro pointed out the alchemist Minx who worked at the workshop that made the tiles and he approached her and convinced her to take him to the workshop to look into it.. after paying for another in a string of losing games for the unlucky girl.. When the party reached the workshop late into the night they found it mostly bedded down for the night, but that did not stop Pretaan from knocking loudly on the master of the workshops door until she awoke. He was a bit surprised having to look down at the small gnome Maru, though most of the others attention was on the lithe Ninja Delilah relaxing on the bed thin sheets barely covering her nude body as she gazed narcissisticly at the nearly completed sculpture of herself. After a brief and entertaining exchange about why they have bothered to awaken her and Alrung stepping in to soothe the furious little gnome after Pretaan unintentionally sticks his foot in his mouth with his social ineptitude she calms down and agrees to assist with looking into who is messing with her tiles! screaming about how fools could desecrate her art she led the group of adventurers into the laboratory and took a look at the tiles. meanwhile Delilah slinked out of the bedroom and into some leather joining the others in the lab. At this point the mud staining the martial script was pointed out to have been a special kind of mud that Minx knew a local location of. The thought of possibly finding more martial scrolls drove Maakor’s inner waters into a rage of passion. He did not care for gambling tiles and alchemy and urged the group to change focus to a quest to the mud! The group began to discuss then argue about what to do all crowded around Maru in the lab when the little gnome blew her top and shouted for everyone to be silent, she could not work with a crowd. She looked over the group now fully awake and her eye was caught by Pretaans superior physique. After a few moments of looking him up and down she announced that it would take several days t meticulously break down the inks and discover their components, something that none of you were needed for.. save the well endowed elf.. err with magical sight which she could use his assistance in.. She recommended the party hire Delilah one of her other lovely girls to assist with their quest. After Minx went over the location maps she realized in this season there is a tremendous mud bog they would have to traverse. The workshop had everything necessary to make mud shoes to ease the trip and they decided to utilize the shop to get a few pairs for the group as well as other travel essentials before heading out.

The team called it a night

Then began Frostmott the 24th

The morning saw the party checking out the shops in town and gather supplies for their venture whilst Pretaan was talked into modelling for Maru at the workshop while Delilah and Minx set up the chemicals and solutions necessary for checking the tiles. Then around noon the group met up at the workshop collected the mud shoes they purchased and headed off along the eastern mountain trail to make for the Scarlet Cliffs.

Delilah, Cobalt, Maakor, Alrung, and Minx traveled until sundown and made it up into the mountain pass. They camped out and Alrung told them the tale of Dorin Greyhaven the ancient dwarf king that saved his people from The First Fall though he lost his children and his line in the process. A sad tale of sacrifice and kinship that is one of Alrungs favorites. The others were not such fans. Then the group bedded down for the night after a meal of rations.

Then came Frostmott the 25th

The morning came with a light cold rain and a miserable start to the day.. The only cheerful one in the group was surprisingly Maakor.. normally the dour silent one he seemed to enjoy not only the rain but how miserable it made everyone else. They spent the first half of the day continuing on the mountain path the rain a constant companion. The group stopped for a cold lunch at the fork in the path before heading south off of the path and down the side of the cliff. It was a rough climb in which Cobalt had much difficulty. And Minx fell the last few feet dropping into the mud and getting annoyed as Maakor just continued down the path. Alrung chivalrously helped her up and bemoaned the lack of decency of some folk. After an hours climb the rain stopped and the rest of the afternoon was spent crossing a mud field to the east until they found a small rock outcropping near nightfall to rest. If it hadn’t been for the mudshoes it would have been impossible to make this kind of time Alrung commented.. to which Maakor the only one who didnt get shoes laughed and pointed out that they wouldnt need special shoes if they were as wonderful of warriors as he was. Minx took the opportunity of the dry night and the warm fire to teach Cobalt more about Jong Jin.. and win some of his money. The group had a fireside chat after that about the ruins and the mud and Minx described the area they were headed as best she could remember. the Scarlett Cliffs were part of a small but treacherous cove on the southeastern side of the island. With the speed they have been making with the mudshoes she expects the group to make it in a little more than another day. The groups set watch and slept for the night.

Frostmott the 26th began with a pleasant warm snap

The unseasonable temperatures refresh most of the party and Minx makes everyone a nice breakfast of eggs with the nest of them that Delilah had found.. after Cobalt shot their mother out of the sky for dinner the previous night it was the only merciful thing to do. The group resumed traveling across the mud field until they reached the southern cliffs around noon. After another hour long session of climbing the group was on an ancient path marked by occasional stone markers. Wilderness had encroached in the centuries since the path was regularly used and most of it was now mud and debris. The path ran along the coast line just out of sight of the waters but close enough to hear the crashing of the waves. After traveling for the rest of the day the group sets down to camp for the night and comes upon a small cluster of rocks and realizes it was a campfire. Minx tests the ashes of the wood and confirms it is no more than a week old. There may be company ahead. The group decides to go without a fire that night just to be cautious and settle down for a rough nights sleep with a belly full of cold rations.



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