Adventures in Anterra

Into the Borderlands

The Lonely Hearth

AG 1218 Aurenmott 13th

After 16 weeks on the Great Trade Way from Moreth in the East the adventurers Gammon and Vincent arrived at [[The Lonely Hearth] ] early in the afternoon. Having not heard any more news about their quarry since their last lead sent them East they decided to stop and stay for the evening. Vincent weary from the rugged journey purchases a room for the evening for himself and after stabling their horses they sat down for a few pints and to chat up the locals.

Late in the afternoon from Orroa to the West the young cleric Telissa and her savage friend Rafi made their way to The Lonely Hearth as well. Telissa and Rafi encountered Gammon and Vincent as they returned from the upstairs and curious about their homeland introduced themselves and then ended up joining them at a table for drinks. The heroes noticed there were a few other patrons at the inn relaxing as well but did not pay special attention to any of them. Telissa rented out the last room at the inn and the group drank and had a lively conversation about what makes Moreth so great. Telissa was delighted to hear about their homeland and decided that come the morning her and her savage friend should make the journey all the way West. As evening fell the adventurers started to make their way around the bar trying to learn about their quarry. At this time Rafi who was sitting in the corner noticed a group of guards and an Orroan man head upstairs and then only the Orroan man come back down. Gammon after managing to gather some information proceeded to drink a little too much and start trying to get the other patrons to join him in some barsongs. Meanwhile Vincent got side tracked trying to find someone attractive to spend the night with but managed to attract the eye of the Inn’s owner Tangy Bearkin. Then a group of Hobgoblins arrived at the Inn. The adventurers were worried briefly before they realized that these were expected guests. Guards from Karnyn who travel here frequently and help keep order. Telissa checked on Rafi and Gammon before heading over to Vincent and introducing herself to Tangy. Vincent attempted to let Telissa know through innuendo that he wanted her to befriend Tangy and take her off his hands, but unfortunately she only made friends with her. Then the Orroan man spilled a drink on Telissa but instead of going up to change Vincent used a prestidigitation to clean her garments for her. The Orroan man then returned to the bar while Gammon begin to drunkenly stumble. Telissa went to check on him while Tangy invited Vincent upstairs to her room to check out the fine Dwarven crafted furniture she had there. When they got upstairs they noticed the three guards standing in the hallway but just moved past them and upstairs, Tangy was in a hurry to get him to her room. Rafi having had a bad history with Hobgoblins kept an eye on them downstairs even as Telissa escorted the drunk stumbling Gammon upstairs thinking he had a room like Vincent. After they got to the top of the stairs she realized that he did not in fact have a room. Before she could turn them around though she noticed the guards in the hallway, one of whom was holding some sort of potion. Suddenly expecting trouble she made her Aspergillum ready in case. Then the first guard threw the silence potion and the others threw tanglefoot bags at Telissa and Gammon. The battle was on, but no one else was aware of it! After the initial assault the guards began shooting crossbows and attacking with a sap after a few shots one missed and flew downstairs alerting Rafi. With no time to summon his inner spirit scorpion he dashed up the stairs and joined in the fray. The first silence potion wore off but as it did a second one was thrown and the silence continued, but this time the area of effect included a portion of Tangy’s room which Vincent noticed, and used it as an excuse to bolt out of the room. Coming down the stairs he came up from behind the guards and using a color spray was able to knock two of them out. The other guard seeing how things were going to end cut the throats of the unconscious two before fighting til he died hard. By this time Tangy had realized there was a battle going on and called for help. The Hobgoblin guards headed upstairs and told everyone to hold up. Vincent was rushed trying to get the Hobgoblins to let him through before the Orroan man escaped but it took time for everyone else to catch up and realize he was right. By the time everyone headed downstairs the Orroan man had already left. They gathered the belongings they could from the guards and found a wanted poster for Telissa and Rafi stating they were traveling on the Great Trade Way. After some debate the four of them decided to head North to Karnyn immediately and took back their horses from the stable and set off in the middle of the night..



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