Adventures in Anterra

A muddy day

on the ice isles

on Frostmott the 27th the group arrived at the mud bog and ended up meeting and befriending Grokk the Orkling and his human assistants as well as the child Calvin. They agreed to work together on gathering mud then found an entrance to an underground cavern. The group fought off a bogwid and managed to recover some ancient dwarven clockwork devices as well as part of the formula for Stahlschlamm. They managed to escape the cavern before the tremors built up into a slight quake that buried the cavern. The group then made deals with the mud wranglers and headed back home

the journey home was uneventful and the group returned to Maru’s workshop on Frostmott the 30th at night.

While the group was out and about Pretaan found out that the ink that was used was stolen from the workshop and at Maru’s orders began checking on employees to determine who the traitor is

on Myger the 1st Pretaan interrogated Sha’de and Minx trying to determine if they were the spy, in addition with Cobalt, Maru and Sha’de working together they were able to wind the clockwork warrior partially and get him operating, they also were able to determine that he responds to orders in Bongott from the holder of the half of the key that they have. Alrung had to report to work and make up for the missed performances while he was away. Once Maru had been brought up to speed on the other clockwork device that was not retrieved she ordered the group to go and fetch it the next day from the returning mud wranglers. The group picked up horses and gear to trade them as well.

On the morning of Myger the 2nd the group gathered at the workshop to prepare to head out. Alrung, Cobalt, Sha’de, Minx, Pretaan, and Maakor met with Maru and she entrusted them with a bag of holding 1 with 3000 gp in it to purchase the clockwork candelabra with. Sha’de asks the team to wait while she grabs a few more potions from her room. After ten minutes of searching she comes back to the room and tells them that her potion of misdirection was taken, it must have been by the spy, it was in her room when she left this morning so the spy must be someone currently in the workshop! Maru asks everyone to stay so that Pretaan can investigate however Maakor is impatient and states he will go to make the deal leaving despite everyone elses objections. After he leaves Pretaan begins preparing locate object in his open slot. Sha’de describes the potion vial to Pretaan and he uses that description to track the object down, he finds it in the quarters of Tunibus the Maestro along with a vial of the remaining ink as well as some notes written in Sarni detailing instructions for where to drop off information to some employer. When confronted with the evidence Tunibus claims innocence and ignorance but Maru is not convinced she has the Clockwork warrior place him in chains and take him down to a storage room she will use as a holding cell until she decides what to do. Then it is time for the group to head out onto the road, only 3 hours later then they had intended and without Maakor who went on ahead.


Sha’de was not happy.

The only smart thing to do on a day like this was to stay inside under the furs, preferably with at least one playmate. Instead, they were to seek a glorified candlestick in hopes of getting a key to a mechanical man. Although it had its uses, judging by the noises that could be heard from Maru’s quarters, it was clearly not worth heading out into a snowstorm! At least the “traitor” had been found and that nonsense would no longer trouble her. She’d hoped that handsome elf was taking her to the storage closet for some much-needed distraction, not a bunch of ridiculous questions and ill-treatment by that heavy-handed manchild, Mackeral, the stinky fishman!

She rolled over in her bed and wished that she’d taken a boat and sailed far in the other direction when she had the chance. “The Inner Sea”, she thought, "That sounds so much nicer than the “Frozen Isles” " She briefly fantasized about biting into a juicy beef steak instead of the ever-present fish dishes. At least there were some people who knew how to cook the dishes of Jannpar on this wretched island instead of the disgusting lutefisk the humans so prized. Their prize drink, “Glug” was something only a fool like Mackeral would think was good, though it did warm the belly and helped one forget that they lived in a frozen wasteland.

She stretched luxuriantly one last time, enjoying the feeling of the warm fur and fading, radiant heat of the innovative, soapstone fireplace/bed that Maru had provided with her room, then abruptly rose, assuming a kneeling posture. Keeping the heavy fur blanket wrapped around her sleek, tattooed, body to ward off the lingering chill of damp, early morning air, she began to call upon her Shadow. Like it or not, she had a mission to perform.

A muddy day

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